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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Critter SittersEnglish1
2The Big Face Off; Skeletons in the ClosetEnglish1
3A Dandy Handy Man; Out of My MindEnglish1
4Stage Fright; Spooky TreeEnglish1
5Laugh of the PartyEnglish1
6Worm WelcomeEnglish1
7Bad Neighbor Beetlejuice; Campfire GhoulsEnglish1
8Pest O' the WestEnglish1
9Bizarre Bazaar; Pat on the BackEnglish1
10Poopsie; It's the PitsEnglish1
11Prince of the NeitherworldEnglish1
12Quit While You're a HeadEnglish1
13Cousin B.J.; Beetlejuice's ParentsEnglish1
14Dragster of DoomEnglish2
15Scare and Scare Alike; Spooky Boo-tiqueEnglish2
16Driven CrazyEnglish2
17Scummer VacationEnglish2
18Bewitched, Bothered & BeetlejuicedEnglish2
19Dr. Beetle & Mr. Juice; Running ScaredEnglish2
20The Really Odd Couple; A-Ha!English2
21Uncle B.J.'s Roadhouse; Scarecrow; The Son Dad Never HadEnglish2
22Mom's Best FriendEnglish3
23Back to School GhoulEnglish3
24Doomie's RomanceEnglish3
25Ghost to GhostEnglish3
26Splitting Image; Awards to the WiseEnglish3
27The Prince of Rock and RollEnglish3
28A Ghoul and His Money; Brides of FunkensteinEnglish3
29Beetledude; The Farmer in the SmellEnglish3
30You're HistoryEnglish4
31Raging SkullEnglish4
32Sore FeetEnglish4
33Fast FoodEnglish4
34Queasy RiderEnglish4
35How Green is My GalleryEnglish4
36Keeping Up with the BonesesEnglish4
37Pranks for the MemoriesEnglish4
38Caddy ShockEnglish4
39Two Heads Are Better Than NoneEnglish4
40Beauty and the BeetleEnglish4
41Creepy CookiesEnglish4
42Poe PourriEnglish4
43Ear's Looking at YouEnglish4
46The Miss Beauty-Juice PageantEnglish4
47Sappiest Place on EarthEnglish4
49Foreign ExchangeEnglish4
50Family ScareloomsEnglish4
51Them Bones, Them Bones, Them Funny BonesEnglish4
52Hotel HelloEnglish4
53Goody Two ShoesEnglish4
55Ship of GhoulsEnglish4
57It's a Wonderful AfterlifeEnglish4
58Ghost Writer in the SkyEnglish4
59Cabin FeverEnglish4
60Highs-Ghoul ConfidentialEnglish4
61Rotten SportsEnglish4
62Mr. Beetlejuice Goes to TownEnglish4
63Time FliesEnglish4
64To Beetle or Not to BeetleEnglish4
65A Star is BoredEnglish4
66Oh, Brother!English4
68In the SchticksEnglish4
69Recipe for DisasterEnglish4
70Substitute CreatureEnglish4
71Ghoul of My DreamsEnglish4
72Prairie StrifeEnglish4
73Moby RichardEnglish4
74The UnnaturalEnglish4
75Forget Me NutsEnglish4
76The Birdbrain of AlcatrazEnglish4
77Generally Hysterical HospitalEnglish4
78Super ZeroesEnglish4
79Beetle GeezerEnglish4
80A Very Grimm Fairy TaleEnglish4
81Wizard of OozeEnglish4
82What Makes B.J. RunEnglish4
83The ChromazoneEnglish4
84It's a Big, Big, Big, Big, ApeEnglish4
85The Neitherworld's Least WantedEnglish4
86Don't Beetlejuice and DriveEnglish4
87Robbin Juice of Sherweird ForestEnglish4
88Midnight ScumEnglish4
89Gold Rush FeverEnglish4
90Relatively PestyEnglish4
91King B.J.English4
92Catmandu Got Your TongueEnglish4
93Journey to the Centre of the NeitherworldEnglish4
94Not So Peaceful PinesEnglish4