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Pinky and the Brain
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Das MouseEnglish1
2Of Mouse and ManEnglish1
3Tokyo Grows; That Smarts; BrainstemEnglish1
4Pinky & The Fog; Bubba Bo Bob BrainEnglish1
5Where No Mouse Has Gone Before; Win Big; Cheese Roll CallEnglish1
7TV or Not TVEnglish1
8Napoleon BrainaparteEnglish1
9A Pinky And The Brain ChristmasEnglish1
11Around The World In 80 NarfsEnglish1
13Ambulatory Abe; Mouse of La ManchaEnglish1
14The Third Mouse; The VisitEnglish1
15Its Only a Paper WorldEnglish2
16Collect Em All; PinkassoEnglish2
17Plan Brain From Outer SpaceEnglish2
18The Pink CandidateEnglish2
19Brain's Song English2
20Welcome To The JungleEnglish2
21A Little Off The Top; Megalomaniacs AnonymousEnglish2
22The Mummy; Robin BrainEnglish2
23Two Mice and a Baby; The MazeEnglish2
24Brain of the FutureEnglish2
26Hoop SchemesEnglish2
27Leave It to Beavers; CinebraniaEnglish3
28Pinky & The Brain and... Larry; Where The Deer and The Mousealopes PlayEnglish3
29Brain NoirEnglish3
30Brains Bogie; Say What, Earth?English3
31My Feldmans, My FriendsEnglish3
32All You Need Is Narf; Pinkys PlanEnglish3
33This Old MouseEnglish3
34Brain StormEnglish3
35A Meticulous Analysis Of History; Funny, You Dont Look RhennishEnglish3
36The Pinky ProtocolEnglish3
37Mice Don't Dance; Brain DrainedEnglish3
38Brain AcresEnglish3
39Pinky And The Brainmaker; Calvin BrainEnglish3
40Pinky Suavo; T.H.E.Y.English3
41The Real LifeEnglish3
42Brains WayEnglish3
43A Pinky and the Brain HalloweenEnglish3
44Briany JackEnglish3
45Leggo My Ego; Big In JapanEnglish3
46But, Thats Not All Folks!English3
47Operation Sea Lion; You Said a MousefulEnglish3
48The Tailor and The Mice; Bah, WildernessEnglish3
49Pinky At The Bat; Schpiel-Borg 2000English3
50Broadway MaladyEnglish3
51Brainie The Poo; Melancholy BrainEnglish3
52Inherit The WheezeEnglish3
53Brains Night Off; Beach Blanket BrainEnglish3
54The Family That Poits Together, Narfs TogetherEnglish3
55Pinky s Turn; Your Friend: Global DominationEnglish3
56You ll Never Eat Food Pellets In This Town, Again!English3
57Dangerous BrainsEnglish3
58Whatever Happened To Baby Brain; Just Say NarfEnglish3
59The Pinky P.O.V.; The Really Great Dictator; Brain FoodEnglish3
60Brainwashed, Part 1: Brain, Brain, Go AwayEnglish4
61Brainwashed, Part 2: I Am Not a HatEnglish4
62Brainwashed, Part 3: Wash HarderEnglish4
63To Russia With Lab Mice; Hickory Dickory BonkEnglish4
64The Pinky And The Brain Reunion SpecialEnglish4
65A Legendary Tail; Project B.R.A.I.N.English4
66Star WarnersEnglish4