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Betty Boop
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Dizzy DishesEnglish1
2Bimbo's InitiationEnglish1
3Betty Boop for PresidentEnglish1
4Betty Boop, M.D.English1
5Betty Boop's Bamboo IsleEnglish1
6Betty Boop's Bizzy BeeEnglish1
7Betty Boop's MuseumEnglish1
8Betty Boop's Ups and DownsEnglish1
11I'll Be Glad When You're Dead You Rascal YouEnglish1
12Minnue the MoocherEnglish1
13Stopping the ShowEnglish1
14The Betty Boop LimitedEnglish1
15Betty Boop's Big BossEnglish1
16Betty Boop's Birthday PartyEnglish1
17Betty Boop's Hallowe'en PartyEnglish1
18Betty Boop's May PartyEnglish1
19Betty Boop's PenthouseEnglish1
20I HeardEnglish1
21Morning, Noon and NightEnglish1
22Mother Goose LandEnglish1
23Parade of the Wooden SoldiersEnglish1
25The Old Man of the MountainEnglish1
26Betty Boop's Life GuardEnglish1
27Betty Boop's Little PalEnglish1
28Betty Boop's Prize ShowEnglish1
29Betty Boop's Rise to FameEnglish1
30Betty Boop's TrialEnglish1
31Ha! Ha! Ha!English1
32Keep in StyleEnglish1
33Poor CinderellaEnglish1
34Red Hot MammaEnglish1
35She Wronged Him RightEnglish1
36There's Something About a SoldierEnglish1
37When My Ship Comes InEnglish1
38Stop That NoiseEnglish1
39Service with a SmileEnglish1
40The Foxy HunterEnglish1
41The New Deal ShowEnglish1
42Zula HulaEnglish1
43Be Up to DateEnglish1
44Out of the InkwellEnglish1
45Pudgy in Thrills and ChillsEnglish1
46Pudgy the WatchmanEnglish1
47Riding the RailsEnglish1
48Sally SwingEnglish1
49The Swing SchoolEnglish1
50Betty in BlunderlandEnglish1