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Zoids Zero
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Commence Battle: Attack Liger ZeroEnglish1
2The New Partner vs. Naomi, the Red CometEnglish1
3The King Arrives, Harry ChampEnglish1
4Unsanctioned Battle: The Mysterious Backdraft GroupEnglish1
5High Speed Battle, Transformation into Zero JagerEnglish1
6The Dark Giant, the Invincible ElefanderEnglish1
7The Desert Gang, the Hovercargo s in DangerEnglish1
8The Invasion of the Fierce Tigers, Transformation into Zero SchneiderEnglish1
9The Princess arrives, Mary ChampEnglish1
10Desert Tusk, Attack of the War SharksEnglish1
11The Sensational Three, Rematch with Jack CiscoEnglish1
12Zero is Stolen, the Fiery BattleEnglish1
13The Brave Wild Eagle, the Raynos vs. the ZabotEnglish1
14Fright Night, The 13thEnglish1
15Layon Returns, The Antigravity CatastropheEnglish1
16The Red Rival, Leon Toros ReturnsEnglish1
17Warriors on Vacation, the Storm SwordersEnglish1
18Love on the Battlefield, My Love for the JudgeEnglish1
19The Third Conversion, Zero Panzer s DebutEnglish1
20Brad s BetrayalEnglish1
21Harry s Disaster, Layon traps Tauros.English1
22The Dragon under the Sea, the Search for the Ultimate X.English1
23The Dragon Awakens, the Berserk Fury Enters the FrayEnglish1
24The Tournament of Heroes, the Royal Cup.English1
25Survival, The Mystery of the Ultimate XEnglish1
26The Miracle of Zero, the Win, the Cloud, the AdventureEnglish1