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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Sword of JusticeEnglish1
2The BarbarianEnglish1
3The Heart of the BeastEnglish1
4The Request for the JustEnglish1
5A Charming PrinceEnglish1
6The Hexed ChessboardEnglish1
7The Destiny of the ShogisEnglish1
8The Wandering CityEnglish1
9The Broken SwordEnglish1
10The Test of BloodEnglish1
11The Slumbering PalaceEnglish1
12A Second ChanceEnglish1
13The LureEnglish1
15I Have Faith in YouEnglish1
16The 7th CrystalEnglish1
17The Forbidden Experience aka The Forbidden ElixirEnglish1
18The Toll of the PastEnglish1
19The Enchanted ForestEnglish1
20The KissEnglish1
21The Strange SicknessEnglish1
22The Dragon’s BreathEnglish1
23The Promised LandEnglish1
24The Ice FortressEnglish1
25The Secret of the SylphsEnglish1
26The ReturnEnglish1