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1Plunder And LightningEnglish
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1From Here To MachineryEnglish1
2It Came From Beneath The Sea DuckEnglish1
3Time Waits For No BearEnglish1
4Mommy For A DayEnglish1
5I Only Have Ice For YouEnglish1
6Molly CoddledEnglish1
7Polly Wants A TreasureEnglish1
8Vowel PlayEnglish1
9The Idol RichEnglish1
10Stormy WeatherEnglish1
11Bearly AliveEnglish1
12Her Chance To DreamEnglish1
13All's Whale That Ends WhaleEnglish1
14The Golden SprocketEnglish1
15For A Fuel Dollars MoreEnglish1
16A Bad Reflection On You, Part 1English1
17A Bad Reflection On You, Part 2English1
18On A Wing And A BearEnglish1
19A Star Is TornEnglish1
20A Touch Of GlassEnglish1
21The Bigger They Are The Louder They OinkEnglish1
22A Spy In The OintmentEnglish1
23The Balooest Of The Blue BloodsEnglish1
24A Baloo SwitcherooEnglish1
25Whistlestop Jackson, Legend English1
26Double Or NothingEnglish1
27Feminine AirEnglish1
28Last HorizonsEnglish1
29Flight Of The Snow DuckEnglish1
30Save The TigerEnglish1
31The Old Man And The Sea DuckEnglish1
32War Of The WeirdsEnglish1
33Captains OutrageousEnglish1
34Plunder and Lightning, Part 1English1
35Plunder and Lightning, Part 2English1
36Plunder and Lightning, Part 3English1
37Plunder and Lightning, Part 4English1
38The Time BanditEnglish1
39For Whom The Bell Klangs, Part 1English1
40For Whom The Bell Klangs, Part 2English1
41Citizen KhanEnglish1
42Gruel And Unusual PunishmentEnglish1
43A Jolly Molly ChristmasEnglish1
44My Fair BalooEnglish1
45Waiders Of The Wost TweasureEnglish1
46Flight School Confidential English1
47Bringing Down BabyfaceEnglish1
48Jumping The GunsEnglish1
49In Search Of Ancient BlundersEnglish1
50Louie's Last StandEnglish1
51Sheepskin DeepEnglish1
52Pizza Pie In The SkyEnglish1
53Baloo ThunderEnglish1
54Bullethead BalooEnglish1
55Destiny Rides AgainEnglish1
56Mach One For The GipperEnglish1
57Stuck On YouEnglish1
58The Sound And The FurryEnglish1
59The Ransom Of Red ChimpEnglish1
60The Road To MacadamiaEnglish1
61Your Baloo's In The MailEnglish1
62Paradise LostEnglish1
63The Incredible Shrinking MollyEnglish1
65Flying DupesEnglish1