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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The TearingEnglish1
2Racing The ClockEnglish1
3Quick and the FedEnglish1
4Medusa BugEnglish1
5The TiffEnglish1
6In the Belly of the BeastEnglish1
7The Crimson BinomeEnglish1
8Enzo the SmartEnglish1
9Wizards, Warriors and a Word From Our SponsorEnglish1
10The Great Brain RobberyEnglish1
11Talent NightEnglish1
12Udentity Crisis, Part 1English1
13Udentity Crisis, Part 2English1
15High CodeEnglish1
16When Games CollideEnglish1
17Bad BobEnglish1
18Painted WindowsEnglish1
22Trust No OneEnglish1
23Web World WarsEnglish1
24To Mend and Defend v 3.1.1English1
25Between A Raccoon & A Hard Place v 3.1.2English1
26Firewall v 3.1.3English1
27Game Over v 3.1.4English1
28Icons v 3.2.1English1
29Where No Sprite Has Gone Before v 3.2.2English1
30Number 7 v 3.2.3English1
31The Episode with No Name v 3.2.4English1
32Return of The Crimson Binome v 3.3.1English1
33The Edge of Beyond v 3.3.2English1
34Web Riders on the Storm v 3.3.3English1
35Mousetrap v 3.3.4English1
36Megaframe v 3.4.1English1
37Showdown v 3.4.2English1
38System Crash v 3.4.3English1
39End Prog v 3.4.4English1
40Daemon RisingEnglish1
41Cross NodesEnglish1
42What's Love Got To Do With It?English1
44My Two Bobs!English1
45Life's a Glitch...English1
46Null Bot of the BrideEnglish1
47Crouching Binome, Hidden VirusEnglish1