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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Pokémon, I Choose You!English1
2Pokémon Emergency!English1
3Ash Catches a PokémonEnglish1
4Challenge of the SamuraiEnglish1
5Showdown in Pewter CityEnglish1
6Clefairy and the Moon StoneEnglish1
7The Waterflowers of Cerulean CityEnglish1
8The Path to the Pokémon LeagueEnglish1
9The School of Hard KnocksEnglish1
10Bulbasaur and the Hidden VillageEnglish1
11Charmander - The Stray PokémonEnglish1
12Here Comes the Squirtle SquadEnglish1
13Mystery at the LighthouseEnglish1
14Electric Shock ShowdownEnglish1
15A Battle Aboard the St. AnneEnglish1
16Pokémon ShipwreckEnglish1
17Island of the Giant PokémonEnglish1
18Beauty And The BeachEnglish1
19Tentacool And TentacruelEnglish1
20The Ghost Of Maiden's PeakEnglish1
21Bye, Bye ButterfreeEnglish1
22Abra And The Psychic ShowdownEnglish1
23The Tower Of TerrorEnglish1
24Haunter Versus KadabraEnglish1
25Primeape Goes BananasEnglish1
26Pokémon Scent-Sation!English1
27Hypno's NaptimeEnglish1
28Pokémon Fashion FlashEnglish1
29The Punchy PokémonEnglish1
30Sparks Fly For MagnemiteEnglish1
31Dig Those Diglett!English1
32The Ninja Poké-ShowdownEnglish1
33The Flame Pokemon-athon!English1
34Legend Of DratiniEnglish1
35The Kangaskhan KidEnglish1
36The Bridge Bike GangEnglish1
37Ditto's Mysterious MansionEnglish1
38Electric Hero PorygonEnglish1
39Pikachu's GoodbyeEnglish1
40The Battling Eevee BrothersEnglish1
41Wake Up, Snorlax!English1
42Showdown At Dark CityEnglish1
43The March Of The Exeggutor SquadEnglish1
44The Problem With ParasEnglish1
45The Song Of JigglypuffEnglish1
46Attack Of The Prehistoric PokémonEnglish1
47A Chansey OperationEnglish1
48Holy Matrimony!English1
49So Near, Yet So Farfetch'dEnglish1
50Who Gets To Keep Togepi?English1
51Bulbasaur's Mysterious GardenEnglish1
52The Case Of The K-9 CaperEnglish1
53Pokémon PaparazziEnglish1
54The Ultimate TestEnglish1
55The Breeding Center SecretEnglish1
56Princess versus PrincessEnglish1
57The Purr-Fect HeroEnglish1
58Riddle Me ThisEnglish1
59Volcanic PanicEnglish1
60Beach Blank-Out BlastoiseEnglish1
61The Misty MermaidEnglish1
62Clefairy TalesEnglish1
63The Battle Of The BadgeEnglish1
64It's Mr. Mime TimeEnglish1
65Holiday Hi-JynxEnglish1
66Snow Way OutEnglish1
67Showdown at the Po-ké CorralEnglish1
68The Evolution SolutionEnglish1
69The Pi-KahunaEnglish1
70Make Room For GloomEnglish1
71Lights, Camera, Quack-tion!English1
72Go West Young MeowthEnglish1
73To Master The OnixpectedEnglish1
74The Ancient Puzzle Of PokémopolisEnglish1
75Bad To The BoneEnglish1
76All Fired Up!English1
77Round One -- Begin!English1
78Fire And IceEnglish1
79The Fourth Round RumbleEnglish1
80A Friend In DeedEnglish1
81Friend And Foe AlikeEnglish1
82Friends To The EndEnglish1
83Pallet Party PanicEnglish1
84A Scare In The AirEnglish1
85Pokéball PerilEnglish1
86The Lost LaprasEnglish1
87Fit to Be TiedEnglish1
88Pikachu Re-VoltsEnglish1
89The Crystal OnixEnglish1
90In The PinkEnglish1
91Shell ShockEnglish1
92Stage Fight!English1
93Bye, Bye PsyduckEnglish1
94The Joy Of PokémonEnglish1
95Navel ManeuversEnglish1
96Snack AttackEnglish1
97A Shipful Of ShiversEnglish1
98Meowth Rules!English1
99Tracey Gets BuggedEnglish1
100A Way Off Day Off!English1
101The Mandarin Island MismatchEnglish1
102Wherefore Art Thou, Pokémon?English1
103Get Along Little, PokémonEnglish1
104The Mystery MenaceEnglish1
105Misty Meets Her MatchEnglish1
106Bound For TroubleEnglish1
107Charizard ChillsEnglish1
108The Pokémon Water WarEnglish1
109Pokémon Food FightEnglish1
110Pokémon Double TroubleEnglish1
111The Wacky WatcherEnglish1
112The Stun Spore DetourEnglish1
113Hello PummeloEnglish1
114Enter The DragoniteEnglish1
115Viva Las LaprasEnglish1
116The Underground Round UpEnglish1
117A Tent SituationEnglish1
118A Rivalry RevivalEnglish1
119Don't Touch That DileEnglish1
120The Double Trouble HeaderEnglish1
121A Sappy EndingEnglish1
122Roll On, Pokémon!English1
123Illusion ConfusionEnglish1
124Flower PowerEnglish1
125Spinarak AttackEnglish1
126Snubbull SnobberyEnglish1
127The Little Big HornEnglish1
128Chikorita RescueEnglish1
129Once In A Blue MoonEnglish1
130The Whistle StopEnglish1
131Ignorance Is BlisseyEnglish1
132A Bout With SproutEnglish1
133Fighting Flyer with FireEnglish1
134Chikorita's Big UpsetEnglish1
135For Cryin' Out Loud!English1
136Tanks A Lot!English1
137Charizard's Burning AmbitionsEnglish1
138Grin to Win!English1
139Foul Weather FriendsEnglish1
140Mild 'N WoolyEnglish1
141The Superhero SecretEnglish1
142Wired For BattleEnglish1
143Good 'Quil HuntingEnglish1
144A Shadow of a DroughtEnglish1
145Going ApricornEnglish1
146Gettin' The Bug's OutEnglish1
147A Farfetch'd TaleEnglish1
148Tricks of the TradeEnglish1
149No Big WoopEnglish1
150Tunnel VisionEnglish1
151Hour of HoundourEnglish1
152The Fire-ing SquadEnglish1
153Fowl PlayEnglish1
154The Totodile DuelEnglish1
155Hot Matches!English1
156Love, Totodile StyleEnglish1
157The Fortune HuntersEnglish1
158Forrest GrumpsEnglish1
159The Psychic SidekickEnglish1
160A Goldenrod OpportunityEnglish1
161A Dairy Tale EndingEnglish1
162Air TimeEnglish1
163The Bug Stops HereEnglish1
164Type CastingEnglish1
165Fossil FoolsEnglish1
166Carrying OnEnglish1
167Hassle in the CastleEnglish1
168Two Hits and a MissEnglish1
169A Hot Water BattleEnglish1
170Hook, Line and StinkerEnglish1
171Beauty and the BreederEnglish1
172A Better Pill to SwallowEnglish1
173Power Play!English1
174Mountain TimeEnglish1
176Imitation ConfrontationEnglish1
177The Trouble With SnubbullEnglish1
178Ariados Amigos!English1
179Wings 'N ThingsEnglish1
180The Grass RouteEnglish1
181The Apple Corp!English1
182The Howl Of HoundoomEnglish1
183The Tower Inferno!English1
184From Ghost To GhostEnglish1
185Trouble's BrewingEnglish1
186All That Glitters!English1
187The Light FantasticEnglish1
189Moving Pictures!English1
190Spring FeverEnglish1
191Freeze FrameEnglish1
192The Stolen Stones!English1
193The Dunsparce DeceptionEnglish1
194The Wayward WobbuffetEnglish1
195Sick DazeEnglish1
196Ring MastersEnglish1
197The Poké SpokesmanEnglish1
198Control Freak!English1
199The Art Of PokémonEnglish1
200The Heartbreak of BrockEnglish1
201Current EventsEnglish1
202Turning Over A New BayleefEnglish1
203Doin' What Comes Natu-rallyEnglish1
204The Big Balloon Blow-UpEnglish1
205The Screen Actor's GuiltEnglish1
206Right On, Rhydon!English1
207The Kecleon CaperEnglish1
208The Joy of Water PokémonEnglish1
209Got Miltank?English1
210Fight For The Light!English1
211Machoke, Machoke Man!English1
212Around The WhirlpoolEnglish1
213Fly Me To The MoonEnglish1
214Takin' It On The Chinchou!English1
215The Corsola CaperEnglish1
216Mantine OverboardEnglish1
217Octillery, The OutcastEnglish1
218Dueling HeroesEnglish1
219The Perfect MatchEnglish1
220Plant it Now...Diglett Later!English1
221Hi Ho Silver...Away!English1
222The Mystery Is HistoryEnglish1
223A Parent TrappedEnglish1
224A Promise is a PromiseEnglish1
225Throw In The NoctowlEnglish1
226Nerves Of SteelixEnglish1
227Bulbasaur...The Ambassador!English1
228Espeon, Not IncludedEnglish1
229For Ho-Oh The Bell TollsEnglish1
230Extreme PokemonEnglish1
231An Egg-Sighting AdventureEnglish1
232Hatching a PlanEnglish1
233Dues and Don'ts!English1
234Just Waiting On A FriendEnglish1
235A Tyrogue Full Of TroubleEnglish1
236Xatu The FutureEnglish1
237Talkin' 'Bout an EvolutionEnglish1
238The Rage Of InnocenceEnglish1
239As Cold as PryceEnglish1
240Nice Pryce, Baby!English1
241Whichever Way The Wind BlowsEnglish1
242Some Like It Hot!English1
243Hocus PokémonEnglish1
244As Clear As CrystalEnglish1
245Same Old Song and DanceEnglish1
246Enlighten Up!English1
247Will The Real Oak Please Stand Up?English1
248Wish Upon A Star ShapeEnglish1
249Outrageous FortunesEnglish1
250One Trick PhonyEnglish1
251I Politoed Ya So!English1
252The Ice CaveEnglish1
253Beauty Is Skin DeepEnglish1
254Fangs For Nothin'!English1
255Great Bowls of Fire!English1
256Better Eight Than NeverEnglish1
257Why? Wynaut!English1
258Just Add WaterEnglish1
259Lapras of LuxuryEnglish1
260Hatch Me If You CanEnglish1
261Entei At Your Own RiskEnglish1
262A Crowning AchievementEnglish1
263Here's Looking At You, ElekidEnglish1
264You're A Star, Larvitar!English1
265Address Unknown!English1
266Mother of All BattlesEnglish1
267Pop Goes The SneaselEnglish1
268A Claim To Flame!English1
269Love, Pokémon StyleEnglish1
270Tie One On!English1
271The Ties That BindEnglish1
272Can't Beat the Heat!English1
273Playing With FireEnglish1
274Johto Photo FinishEnglish1
275Gotta Catch Ya Later!English1
276Hoenn Alone!English1
277Get the Show on the RoadEnglish1
278A Ruin With a ViewEnglish1
279There's No Place Like HoennEnglish1
280You Can Never Taillow!English1
281In The Knicker Of Time!English1
282A Poached Ego!English1
283Tree's A Crowd!English1
284A Tail With a TwistEnglish1
285Taming of the ShroomishEnglish1
286You Said a MouthfulEnglish1
287A Bite To Remember!English1
288The Lotad LowdownEnglish1
289All Things Bright and Beautifly!English1
290All In a Day's WurmpleEnglish1
291Gonna Rule the School!English1
292The Winner By A NosepassEnglish1
293Stairway to DevonEnglish1
294On A Wingull And A Prayer!English1
295Sharpedo Attack!English1
296Brave The WaveEnglish1
297Which Wurmple's Which?English1
298A Hole Lotta TroubleEnglish1
299Gone Corphishin'English1
300A Corphish Out of WaterEnglish1
301A Mudkip Mission!English1
302Turning Over A Nuzleaf!English1
303A Three Team SchemeEnglish1
304Seeing Is BelievingEnglish1
305Ready, Willing, and SableyeEnglish1
306A Meditite FightEnglish1
307Just One of The GeysersEnglish1
308Abandon ShipEnglish1
309Now That's Flower PowerEnglish1
310Having A Wailord Of A TimeEnglish1
311Win, Lose or Drew!English1
312The Spheal of ApprovalEnglish1
313Jump for Joy!English1
314A Different Kind of MistyEnglish1
315A Poké-Block PartyEnglish1
316Watt's With WattsonEnglish1
317What You Seed Is What You Get!English1
318Love At First FlightEnglish1
319Let Bagons Be Bagons!English1
320The Princess and the Togepi!English1
321A Togepi Miracle!English1
322Candid Camerupt!English1
323I Feel Skitty!English1
324Zigzag ZangooseEnglish1
325Maxxed Out!English1
326Pros and Con ArtistsEnglish1
327Come What MayEnglish1
328Cheer Pressure!English1
329Game Winning Assist!English1
330Fight For The Meteorite!English1
331Poetry in Commotion!English1
332Going, Going, YawnEnglish1
333Going for a SpindaEnglish1
334All Torkoal, No PlayEnglish1
335Manectric ChargeEnglish1
336Delcatty Got Your TongueEnglish1
337Disaster of DisguiseEnglish1
338Disguise Da LimitEnglish1
339Take The Lombre HomeEnglish1
340True Blue SwabluEnglish1
341Gulpin It DownEnglish1
342Exploud and ClearEnglish1
343Go Go Ludicolo!English1
344A Double Dilemma!English1
345Love, Petalburg Style!English1
346Balance of Power!English1
347A Six Pack Attack!English1
348The Bicker the BetterEnglish1
349Grass Hysteria!English1
350Hokey PokéballsEnglish1
351Whiscash and AshEnglish1
352Me, Myself and TimeEnglish1
353A Fan With A PlanEnglish1
354Cruisin' For A Losin'English1
355Pearls Are A Spoink's Best FriendEnglish1
356That's Just SwellowEnglish1
357Take This House and ShuppetEnglish1
358A Shroomish SkirmishEnglish1
359Unfair Weather FriendsEnglish1
360Who's Flying Now?English1
361Sky High Gym Battle!English1
362Lights, Camerupt, Action!English1
363Crazy As A LunatoneEnglish1
364A Scare To RememberEnglish1
365The Garden Of Eatin'English1
366Pokeblock, Stock And BerryEnglish1
367Lessons In LilycoveEnglish1
368Clamperl of WisdomEnglish1
369Judgement Day!English1
370Judgement Day!English1
371Clamperl of WisdomEnglish1
372The Relicanth Really CanEnglish1
373The Evolutionary WarEnglish1
374Training WrecksEnglish1
375Gaining GroudonEnglish1
376The Scuffle of LegendsEnglish1
377Its Still Rocket Roll To MeEnglish1
378Solid As A SolrockEnglish1
379Vanity AffairEnglish1
380Where's Armaldo?English1
381A Cacturne For The WorseEnglish1
382Claydol Big And TallEnglish1
383Once In A MawileEnglish1
384Beg, Burrow and StealEnglish1
385Absol-ute DisasterEnglish1