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Outlaw Star
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Outlaw WorldEnglish1
2Star of DesireEnglish1
3Into Burning SpaceEnglish1
4When the Hot Ice MeltsEnglish1
5Beast Girl, Ready To-PounceEnglish1
6Beautiful AssassinEnglish1
7Creeping EvilEnglish1
8Forced DepartureEnglish1
9A Journey of Adventure...Huh?English1
10Gathering for the Space RaceEnglish1
11Adrift in SubSpaceEnglish1
12Mortal Combat with the El DoradoEnglish1
13Advance Guard from Another WorldEnglish1
14Final CoutdownEnglish1
15The Seven EmergeEnglish1
16Demon of the Water PlanetEnglish1
17Between Life and MachineEnglish1
18The Strongest Woman in the UniverseEnglish1
19Law and LawlessnessEnglish1
20Cats and Girls and Space ShipsEnglish1
21Grave of the DragonEnglish1
22Gravity JailbreakEnglish1
23Hot Springs Planet TenreiEnglish1
24Cutting the Galactic LeylineEnglish1
25The Maze of DespairEnglish1
26Return to SpaceEnglish1