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Mon Colle Knights
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Just Another Mon-DayEnglish1
2Send In The FrogsEnglish1
3The Giant And The SteedEnglish1
4The Vampire Strikes BackEnglish1
5To See Your Smile AgainEnglish1
6Under The Temple Into Hot WaterEnglish1
7Pork Bellies: New BeginningsEnglish1
8Friend Or PhobiaEnglish1
9Ms. Loon's Big AdventureEnglish1
10Beginner & The Snow RamEnglish1
11These Boots Were Made For Flyin', Part 1English1
12The Dream Team, Part 2English1
13Knockout Punch-PunchEnglish1
14Oh, BrotherEnglish1
15Fangs For The Knight-MareEnglish1
16A Giant Pain In The MondoEnglish1
17Eccentro in the Temple of DumbEnglish1
18Ring-A-Ding DingEnglish1
19The Eel ThingEnglish1
20Mirror Mirror, Off the WallEnglish1
21Secret Orbs and SpicesEnglish1
22Something Snaky This Way ComesEnglish1
23Try, Triathlon AgainEnglish1
24Expert's Beginning KnightsEnglish1
25Practice Makes MessesEnglish1
26Ogopogo Gone LogoEnglish1
27The Good, The Bad, And the MondoEnglish1
28Attack Of The 50-Foot LovestarEnglish1
29One Step Ogre The LineEnglish1
30The Mon World SeriesEnglish1
31Fowl PlayEnglish1
32Touched By A Mondo, Part 1English1
33Touched By A Mondo, Part 2English1
34Sheep TrickEnglish1
35All You Need Is LavaEnglish1
36Cleanliness Is Next To MondonessEnglish1
37Fairy, Fairy, Quite ContraryEnglish1
38Loon StruckEnglish1
39That Worm Feeling, Part 1English1
40Redda Returns, Part 2English1
41Lovestar Can Help TooEnglish1
42Calling All Monsters, Part 3English1
43The Last Monster ItemEnglish1
44The End Of Mon World As We Know ItEnglish1
45The Prophecy Of The Golden DragonEnglish1