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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The PriceEnglish1
2Bargaining For TimeEnglish1
3Masked IdentityEnglish1
4Ransom Of RedheadEnglish1
5Master BuilderEnglish1
6No DiceEnglish1
7Love On The RocksEnglish1
8The Law Of JumanjiEnglish1
9Stormy WeatherEnglish1
10El Pollo JumanjiEnglish1
11Perfect MatchEnglish1
12The GiftEnglish1
13Truth Or ConsequentlyEnglish1
14The Red And The BlackEnglish2
15Eye Of The SeaEnglish2
16Brantford, The GameEnglish2
17Air JudyEnglish2
18The Palace Of CluesEnglish2
19The Master Of The GameEnglish2
21Mud BoyEnglish2
22The Magic ChestEnglish2
23The TrialEnglish2
24The Riddle Of AlanEnglish2
25Night Of The HuntersEnglish2
26The PlagueEnglish2
27The Three PetersEnglish3
28Young AlanEnglish3
29The IntruderEnglish3
30Oh, Grow Up!English3
31Return of SquintEnglish3
33Love PotionEnglish3
34Sorceress of JumanjiEnglish3
35The Ultimate WeaponEnglish3
36Who Am I?English3
37Nothing to FearEnglish3
38The DollEnglish3
39An Old StoryEnglish3
40Good Bye, JumanjiEnglish3