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Josie and the Pussy Cat in Outer Space
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Where's Josie?English1
2Make Way For The Multi-MenEnglish1
3The Sleeping PlanetEnglish1
4Alien AlanEnglish1
5The Water PlanetEnglish1
6The Sun HatersEnglish1
7The Mini-Man MenaceEnglish1
8The Space PiratesEnglish1
9Anything You Can ZooEnglish1
10Now You See Them, Now You Don'tEnglish1
11The Four-Eyed Dragon Of CygnonEnglish1
12The Forward Backward People Of XarookEnglish1
13The Hollow PlanetEnglish1
14All Hail Goddess MelodyEnglish1
15Outer Space ArkEnglish1
16Warrior Women Of AmazoniaEnglish1