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101 Dalmatians
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Home is Where the Bark IsEnglish1
2He Followed Me Home / Love 'Em and Flea 'EmEnglish1
3Howl Noon / Easy on the LiesEnglish1
4Two for the Show / An Officer and a GentledogEnglish1
5Bad to the Bone / Southern Fried CruellaEnglish1
6Swine Song / Watch for Falling IdolsEnglish1
7The High Price of Fame / The Great Cat InvasionEnglish1
8No Train, No GainEnglish1
9Rolly's Egg-Celent Adventure / Wild Chick ChaseEnglish1
10The Dogs of DeVil / Dog's Best FriendEnglish1
11A Christmas CruellaEnglish1
12Out to Launch / Prophet and LossEnglish1
13You Slipped a Disk / Chow About That?English1
14Tic Track Toe / Lucky All-StarEnglish1
15Shake, Rattle, and Woof / Cadpig Behind BarsEnglish1
16Leisure Lawsuit / Purred It Through the GrapevineEnglish1
17Our Own Digs / Goose PimplesEnglish1
18Two Faces of AnitaEnglish1
19The Fungus Among UsEnglish1
20Market Mayham / Lucky to be AloneEnglish1
21Four Stories UpEnglish1
22It's a Swamp Thing / Roll Out the Pork BarrelEnglish1
23Alive N' Chicken / Prima DoggyEnglish1
24You Say It's Your BirthdayEnglish1
25Oozy Does It / BarnboozledEnglish1
26Citizen CanineEnglish1
27Full Metal Pullet / Dough the Right ThingEnglish1
28Frisky Business / Cadet of the MonthEnglish1
29Valentine DazeEnglish1
30Close but no Cigar / Invasion of the Doggy SnatchersEnglish1
31Smoke Detectors / Lobster TaleEnglish1
32Double Dog Dare / Mooove It On OverEnglish1
34Mall PupsEnglish1
35Shrewzle Watch / The Life You SaveEnglish1
36Spots and Shots / On the LambEnglish1
37Treasure of Swamp Island / Lord of the TermitesEnglish1
38Fountain of Youth / Walk a Mile in my TracksEnglish1
39Cruella WorldEnglish1
40Hail to the Chief / Food for ThoughtEnglish1
41The Maltese ChickenEnglish1
42Film Fatale / My Fair ChickenEnglish1
43Snow Bounders / Gnaw or NeverEnglish1
44Poison Ivy / Twelve Angry PupsEnglish1
45The Good-bye ChickEnglish1
46Robo-Rolly / Splishing and SplashingEnglish1
47Virtual LuckyEnglish1
48Cupid PupsEnglish1
49The Artist Formerly Known as Spot / The Nose KnowsEnglish1
50K Is For KibbleEnglish1
51Humanitarian of the YearEnglish1
52Beauty Pageant Pandemonium / Hog-TiedEnglish1
53Coup DeVilEnglish1
54Every Little Crooked Nanny / Cone HeadEnglish1
55Channels / Un-LuckyEnglish1
56The Making Of...English1
57Best of Show / Walk on the Wild SideEnglish1
58Horace and Jasper's Big Career MoveEnglish1
59DeVil-Age ElderEnglish1
60Jurassic Bark / My Fair MoochieEnglish1
61Dog Food Day Afternoon / Spot's Fairy God-ChickenEnglish1
62Good Neighbor Cruella / Animal House PartyEnglish1
63Dalmatian Vacation, Part 1: Road WarriorsEnglish1
64Dalmatian Vacation, Part 2: Cross-Country CalamityEnglish1
65Dalmatian Vacation, Part 3: Dearly BelovedEnglish1