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Dungeons & Dragons
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Night Of No TomorrowEnglish1
2The Eyes Of The BeholderEnglish1
3The Hall Of BonesEnglish1
4Valley Of The UnicornsEnglish1
5In Search Of The Dungeon MasterEnglish1
6Beauty And the BogbeastEnglish1
7Prison Without WallsEnglish1
8Servant Of EvilEnglish1
9Quest Of the Skeleton WarriorsEnglish1
10The Garden Of ZinnEnglish1
11The BoxEnglish1
12The Lost Children English1
13P-R-E-S-T-O Spells DisasterEnglish1
14The Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow English2
15The Treasure Of TardosEnglish2
16City At The Edge Of Midnight English2
17The TraitorEnglish2
18Day of the Dungeon MasterEnglish2
19The Last Illusion English2
20The Dragon's GraveyardEnglish2
21Child Of The StargazerEnglish2
22The Dungeon At The Heart Of DawnEnglish3
23Citadel Of ShadowEnglish3
24The TimelostEnglish3
25Odyssey Of The 12th TalismanEnglish3
26The Winds Of DarknessEnglish3
27Cave Of The Fairie DragonsEnglish3
28Requiem English3