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Animaniacs (2020)
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Jurassic Lark; Suspended Animation; Of Mice and Memes; Suspended AnimationEnglish1
2Warners Unbound; How to Brain Your Dragon; Suffragette CityEnglish1
3Gold Meddlers; Pinko and the Brain; Math-terpiece Theater: ApplesEnglish1
4Bun Control; Ex-Mousina; BloopfEnglish1
5Good Warner Hunting; No Brainer; Ralph CamEnglish1
6The Cutening; Close Encounters of the Worst Kind; Equal TimeEnglish1
7Warner She Wrote; France France Revolution; Gift RapperEnglish1
8WhoDonut; Mousechurian Candidate; Starbox and CindyEnglish1
9Here Comes Treble; That's Not the Issue; Future Brain; The Incredible Gnome In People's MouthsEnglish1
10Anima-Nyet; Babysitter's Flub; The Warners' Press ConferenceEnglish1
11Phantomaniacs; Fear and Laughter in Burbank; Bride of Pinky; Things That Go Bump in the NightEnglish1
12A Zit!; 1001 Narfs; Manny ManspreaderEnglish1
13Hindenburg Cola; Roadent Trip; Flotus, Flotus. What Do You Know About Us?English1
14Rome Sweet Rome; Backwards Pinky; Wakko's Short Shorts: Now LoadingEnglish2
15Please Submit; The Flawed Couple; Everyday SafetyEnglish2
16Rug of War; Run Pinky Run; The Hamburg TicklerEnglish2
17Ralph World; My Super Sour Sixteen; How to: Brain Take Over the WorldEnglish2
18The Warners Are Present; The Pinktator; Know Your ScrollEnglish2
19Yakko's Big Idea; Mouse Congeniality; Rejected Animaniacs CharactersEnglish2
20Yakko Amakko; The Longest Word; Happy Narfday!; Magna CartoonEnglish2
21Wakkiver Twist (part 1); Plight of Hand; Wakkiver Twist (part 2)English2
22What Is That?; Mouse Madness; Christopher Columbusted; Fake MedicinesEnglish2
23Exercise Minute; Reichenbrain Falls; Targeted Ads; Starbox and Cindy 2English2
24A Brief History of History; The Incredible Gnome in People's Mouths: Gerard; The Prisoners Dilemma; Math-terpiece Theater: Beach BallsEnglish2
25Warner's Ark; The Apology; Narf Over Troubled Water; The Warner's VaultEnglish2
2680's Cats; All About The Benjamin; 23 and WBEnglish2