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Dragon Ball GT
1Goku Juniors QuestEnglish
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Mysterious Dragonballs Appear! Goku Becomes a ChildEnglish1
2I'll Take the Lead: Pan Takes Off Into Space!English1
3Imecka, a Planet of Super-Calculating Merchants!English1
4A Criminal: Goku Gets on the Most Wanted List!English1
5Find the Tough Guy: Lezick the Bodyguard!English1
6This May Hurt a Little. Goku, the DentistEnglish1
7The Bearded Guy Who Shook a PlanetEnglish1
8Even Goku Gets Knocked About: The Full Use Of Whisker Power!English1
9Goku Rushes into the Trap Planet!English1
10Dance Attack! Bonpapa!English1
11Luud's Curse?!: Pan is Turned Into a Doll!English1
12The Oracle from the God is a Great Nuisance: Luud Starts Up!English1
13The Mysterious Dr. Myuu!English1
14His Rhythm is Perfect! The Luud Strategy.English1
15Pan Runs Away!English1
16Gil's Secret Identity is Revealed!English1
17Leave Things to Pan! The Strategy to Rescue Goku!English1
18The Mega-cannon Sigma Are Destroyed!English1
19Lock, The Mighty Mutant Takes to the Field!English1
20The Showdown: Goku vs. General Lock!English1
21What's Happening? Goku Has Become A Metal Slab!English1
22The Neo-Machine Mutant: An Awesome Fellow With a Baby Face!English1
23Rescuing a Child Lost in Outer Space! English1
24The Sought After Saiyan Power!English1
25Baby Arrives on Earth!English1
26Gohan and Goten: The Worst Brotherly Spat!English1
27Baby's True Form Is Revealed: Vegeta's Long Awaited Showdown!English1
28Goku Returns: Is the Whole World My Enemy?English1
29Super Dangerous?! Super-Saiyan Three Is DefeatedEnglish1
30I've Died? Goku Plays Parcheesi!English1
31What a Surprise?! The Sugoroku Space Undergoes a Major Collapse!English1
32Oob, the Warrior Full of AngerEnglish1
33The Resurrected Oob! Hurry, Goku!English1
34Did the Transformation Fail?! Oozaru Goku Goes On a Rampage!!English1
35Goku Becomes Super-Saiyan 4!English1
36Baby Transforms!English1
37Old Kai's Last and Choicest Resort!English1
38The Resurrection of the Super-Saiyan 4 Through Everyone's PowersEnglish1
39Baby's Big Finale!English1
40Piccolo's Ultimate SacrificeEnglish1
41The Number One Under the Sun Martial Arts Competition: Who is Hercule's Successor?English1
42Look Out Goku! The Resurrected Enemies Escape From Hades!English1
43The Ressurrection of the Evil Warriors Cell & Frieza.English1
44The Making of Super-Android 17.English1
45Hurry Goku! The Great Strategy To Escape From Hades!English1
46The Fierce Battle Between the Super-Saiyan 4 Goku and Super-Android 17!English1
47Android 18 Gets Her Revenge!English1
48The Dragon Balls Unleash Their Inner Evil!English1
49The Two-Starred Dragon's Terrifying Secret Technique?English1
50The Five-Starred Dragon: The Electric Slime Monster!English1
51Pan and Goku vs. The Evil Princess Otto!English1
52The Scheming Seven-Starred Dragon!English1
53Trapped in the Belly of the Beast! Is Pan Lost for Good?!English1
54The Power of 6000 Degrees Centigrade: The Sun Warrior!English1
55Vegeta's Thirst for Power!English1
56The Fire and Ice Dragon Brothers!English1
57Enter the One-Starred Dragon!English1
58Ii Shenron Claims the Power of Seven!English1
59Vegeta Goes on a Rampage!English1
60Super Gogeta! Goku and Vegeta Become One!English1
61Goku Swallows the Four-Starred Dragon Ball!English1
62Rescue Goku! The Last Ally Appears.English1
63Goku Saves the Universe!English1
64Farewell, Goku. Until We Meet AgainEnglish1