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Infinity Train
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Grid CarEnglish1
2The Beach CarEnglish1
3The Corgi CarEnglish1
4The Crystal CarEnglish1
5The Cat's CarEnglish1
6The Unfinished CarEnglish1
7The Chrome CarEnglish1
8The Ball Pit CarEnglish1
9The Past CarEnglish1
10The EngineEnglish1
11The Black Market CarEnglish2
12The Family Tree CarEnglish2
13The Map CarEnglish2
14The Toad CarEnglish2
15The Parasite CarEnglish2
16The Lucky Cat CarEnglish2
17The Mall CarEnglish2
18The WastelandEnglish2
19The Tape CarEnglish2
20The Number CarEnglish2
21The Musical CarEnglish3
22The Jungle CarEnglish3
23The Debutante Ball CarEnglish3
24Le Chat Chalet CarEnglish3
25The Color Clock CarEnglish3
26The Campfire CarEnglish3
27The Canyon of the Golden Winged Snakes CarEnglish3
28The Hey Ho Whoa CarEnglish3
29The Origami CarEnglish3
30The New ApexEnglish3
31The Twin TapesEnglish4
32The Iceberg CarEnglish4
33The Old West CarEnglish4
34The Pig Baby CarEnglish4
35The Astro Queue CarEnglish4
36The Party CarEnglish4
37The Art Gallery CarEnglish4
38The Mega Maze CarEnglish4
39The Castle CarEnglish4
40The Train to NowhereEnglish4