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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Anne or Beast?; Best FrondsEnglish1
2Cane Crazy; Flood, Sweat and TearsEnglish1
3Hop Luck; StakeoutEnglish1
4The Domino Effect; Taking ChargeEnglish1
5Anne Theft Auto; Breakout StarEnglish1
6Sprig Vs. Hop Pop; Girl TimeEnglish1
7Dating Season; Anne Vs. WildEnglish1
8Contangi-Anne; Family ShrubEnglish1
9Lily Pad Thai; Plantar’s Last StandEnglish1
10Toad Tax; Prison BreakEnglish1
11Grubhog Day; Hop Pop and LockEnglish1
12Civil Wart; Hop-PopularEnglish1
13Croak and Punishment; Trip to the ArchivesEnglish1
14Snow Day; Cracking Mrs. CroakerEnglish1
15A Night at The Inn; Wally and AnneEnglish1
16Family Fishing Trip; Bizarre BazaarEnglish1
17Cursed!; Fiddle Me ThisEnglish1
18The Big Bugball Game; Combat CampEnglish1
19Children of the Spore; Anne of The YearEnglish1
21Handy Anne; Fort in the RoadEnglish2
22The Ballad of Hopediah Plantar; Anne HunterEnglish2
23Truck Stop Polly; A Caravan Named DesireEnglish2
24Quarreler's Pass; ToadcatcherEnglish2
25Swamp and Sensibility; Wax MuseumEnglish2
26Marcy at the GatesEnglish2
27Scavenger Hunt; The Plantars Check InEnglish2
28Lost in Newtopia; Sprig Gets SchooledEnglish2
29Little Frogtown; Hopping MallEnglish2
30The Sleepover to End All Sleepovers; A Day at the AquariumEnglish2
31The Shut-In!English2
32Night Drivers; Return To WartwoodEnglish2
33Ivy on the Run; After the RainEnglish2
34The First TempleEnglish2
35New Wartwood; Friend or Frobo?English2
36Toad to Redemption; Maddie & MarcyEnglish2
37The Second Temple; Barrel's WarhammerEnglish2
38Bessie & MicroAngelo; The Third TempleEnglish2
39The Dinner; Battle of the BandsEnglish2
40True ColorsEnglish2
41The New NormalEnglish3
42Hop 'Til You Drop; Turning PointEnglish3
43Thai Feud; Adventures in CatsittingEnglish3
44Fight at the Museum; Temple FrogsEnglish3
45Fixing Frobo; Anne-sterminatorEnglish3
46Mr. X; Sprig's BirthdayEnglish3
47Spider-Sprig; Olivia & YunanEnglish3
48Hollywood Hop Pop; If You Give a Frog a CookieEnglish3
49Froggy Little ChristmasEnglish3
50Escape to AmphibiaEnglish3
51Commander Anne; SprivyEnglish3
52Sasha's Angels; Olm Town RoadEnglish3
53Mother of Olms; Grime's PupilEnglish3
54The Root of Evil; The Core & The KingEnglish3
55Newts in Tights; Fight or FlightEnglish3
56The Three Armies; The Beginning of the EndEnglish3
57All InEnglish3
58The Hardest ThingEnglish3