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Tangled The Series
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Before Ever AfterEnglish1
2What the Hair?!English1
3Rapunzel's EnemyEnglish1
4Fitzherbert P.I.English1
5Challenge of the BraveEnglish1
6Cassandra v. EugeneEnglish1
7The Return of StrongbowEnglish1
8In Like FlynnEnglish1
9Great ExpotationsEnglish1
10Under RapsEnglish1
11One Angry PrincessEnglish1
12Pascal's StoryEnglish1
13Big Brothers of CoronaEnglish1
14The Wrath of Ruthless RuthEnglish1
15Max's EnemyEnglish1
16The Way of the WillowEnglish1
17Queen for a DayEnglish1
18Painter's BlockEnglish1
19Not in the MoodEnglish1
20The Quest for VarianEnglish1
21The Alchemist ReturnsEnglish1
22Secret of the SundropEnglish2
23Beyond the Corona WallsEnglish2
24The Return of QuaidEnglish2
25Goodbye and GoodwillEnglish2
26Forest of No ReturnEnglish2
28Vigor the VisionaryEnglish2
29Keeper of the SpireEnglish2
30King PascalEnglish2
31There's Something About Hook FootEnglish2
32Happiness Is...English2
33Eugene and Max in Peril on the High SeasEnglish2
35The Eye of PincostaEnglish2
36Rapunzel and the Great TreeEnglish2
37The Brothers HookEnglish2
38Rapunzel: Day OneEnglish2
39Mirror, MirrorEnglish2
40You're Kidding Me!English2
42Lost and FoundEnglish2
43Destinies CollideEnglish3
44Rapunzel's ReturnEnglish3
45Return of the KingEnglish3
46Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?English3
47The Lost Treasure of Herz Der SonneEnglish3
48No Time Like the PastEnglish3
50The King and Queen of HeartsEnglish3
51Day of the AnimalsEnglish3
52Be Very Afraid!English3
53Pascal's DragonEnglish3
54Islands ApartEnglish3
55Cassandra's RevengeEnglish3
56Race to the SpireEnglish3
57A Tale of Two SistersEnglish3
59Once a Handmaiden...English3
60Plus Est En VousEnglish3