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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Sisters in ArmsEnglish1
2How to Train a MysticonEnglish1
3The CoronationEnglish1
4The Mysticon KidEnglish1
5An Eye for an EyeEnglish1
6Heart of GoldEnglish1
7Scourge of the Seven SkiesEnglish1
8Lost and FoundEnglish1
9The Astromancer JobEnglish1
10A Walk in the ParkEnglish1
11A Girl and Her GumlumpEnglish1
12Skies of FireEnglish1
13All Hail Necrafa!English1
14The DomeEnglish1
15Clash of the TridentsEnglish1
16Gems of the PastEnglish1
17Quest of the VexedEnglish1
18Mutiny Most FowlEnglish1
19Through My Enemy's EyesEnglish1
20The Prophecy UnleashedEnglish1
21Three Mysticons and a BabyEnglish2
22Star-Crossed SistersEnglish2
23Scream of a BansheeEnglish2
24The Edge of Two MorrowsEnglish2
25Twin Stars UniteEnglish2
26The Dragon's RageEnglish2
27The MaskEnglish2
28Save the Date!English2
29Happily Never AfterEnglish2
30The Lost ScepterEnglish2
31Total Eclipse of the Golden HeartEnglish2
32The Last DragonEnglish2
33Game of PhonesEnglish2
34The Foz Who Saved Lotus NightEnglish2
35Heart of StoneEnglish2
36Monster HuntEnglish2
37The Princess and the PirateEnglish2
38Eternal Starshine of the Mage's MindEnglish2
39Fear the Spectral HandEnglish2
40Age of DragonsEnglish2