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Tom and Jerry Golden Collection
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Puss Gets the BootEnglish1
2The Midnight SnackEnglish1
3The Night Before ChristmasEnglish1
4Fraidy CatEnglish1
5Dog TroubleEnglish1
6Puss n' TootsEnglish1
7The Bowling Alley CatEnglish1
8Fine Feathered FriendEnglish1
9Sufferin' Cats!English1
10The Lonesome MouseEnglish1
11The Yankee Doodle MouseEnglish1
12Baby PussEnglish1
13The Zoot CatEnglish1
14The Million Dollar CatEnglish1
15The BodyguardEnglish1
16Puttin' on the DogEnglish1
17Mouse TroubleEnglish1
18The Mouse Comes to DinnerEnglish1
19Mouse in ManhattanEnglish1
20Tee for TwoEnglish1
21Flirty BirdyEnglish1
22Quiet Please!English1
23Springtime for ThomasEnglish1
24The Milky WaifEnglish1
25Trap HappyEnglish1
26Solid SerenadeEnglish1
27Cat Fishin'English1
28Part Time PalEnglish1
29The Cat ConcertoEnglish1
30Dr. Jekyll and Mr. MouseEnglish1
31Salt Water TabbyEnglish1
32A Mouse in the HouseEnglish1
33The Invisible MouseEnglish1
34Kitty FoiledEnglish1
35The Truce HurtsEnglish1
36Old Rockin' Chair TomEnglish1
37Professor TomEnglish1