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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1A Noob Hope; The Noobs Strike BackEnglish1
2Super Noob Suits; Noobies vs. SmoothiesEnglish1
3Go Noob Outside; Curb Your NoobEnglish1
4Noob Kids on the Block; Fourth Down and Noob to GoEnglish1
5Who, What, Where and Noob; Shake Your NoobieEnglish1
6Where No Noob Has Gone Before; How to Care for Your NoobEnglish1
7The Noobs Meet Count Venamus; Dude, Where's My Noob?English1
8Happy Noob-o-ween; Super Natural NoobsEnglish1
9Tyrannosaurus Noob; When Good Noobs Go BadEnglish1
10Superdoods!; License to NoobEnglish1
11Noobot vs. Venabot; Zooper Noobs!English1
12Noob Kid in Town; Parent Teacher NoobsEnglish1
13Noob It or Lose It; NoobsittersEnglish1
14How to Use Your Noob; A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!English1
15The Supernoobs Super Cup; How to Noob the Science FairEnglish1
16Noobs vs. the Earth-sterminator!; Noob Coloured GlassesEnglish1
17Noob Tube; The Noobie Bluebie BoobyEnglish1
18Let It Noob, Let It Noob, Let It Noob!; To Catch a NoobEnglish1
19The Noobiest Place on Earth!; Count Noob-A-NusEnglish1
20The Noob Cave; To Noob or Not to NoobEnglish1
21I Know You Noob; The Supernoobs Meet the Incredibly Amazing ManEnglish1
22Noobie Mama; Noobs of the Round TableEnglish1
23Super Noob Super Cup Redux; The Noobs vs. Sour PersimmonsEnglish1
24Noobs Go Viral; Noobs vs. Venamus 12English1
25Eyewitness Noobs; A Noob World OrderEnglish1
26Nooby Friday; The Noobs-i-nators 2: Save the Earth!English1
27Operation: Noobs!English2
28Micro Noobs!English2
29The Chosen NoobEnglish2
30Dude or Noob?English2
32The Noob Kids at School!English2
33High NoobEnglish2
34Ring Around the NoobEnglish2
35Noob Storm Rising!English2
36Noob of the MonthEnglish2
37SuperNoobs vs. SuperTights!English2
38Pool Party NoobEnglish2
39The Dark Noob RisesEnglish2
40Noobs Down UnderEnglish2
41Noobs Battle BallsEnglish2
42Spooker NoobsEnglish2
43The Noob TrapEnglish2
44All Mixed Up and Nowhere to NoobEnglish2
45Call of NoobyEnglish2
46The Noob John B!English2
47Noob Most WantedEnglish2
48Noob and NooberEnglish2
49A Noob's Best FriendEnglish2
50Noobie Noobie Boo!English2
51If It Ain't Broke, Don't Noob It!English2
52One Noob WonderEnglish2
53Noob 4 Mayor!English2
54Fluper NoobsEnglish2
55Cave Noobs!!English2
56Beam Me Up, NoobyEnglish2
57Noob RaiderEnglish2
58Get Your License Re-Noobed!English2
5920,000 Noobs Under the SeaEnglish2
60Noobing Down the House!English2
61Grandma NoobEnglish2
62Noobs' Day OffEnglish2
63The Last Noobs on EarthEnglish2
64Space Family NoobinsonEnglish2
65Electric AvenoobEnglish2
66The Green NoobEnglish2
67The Noobs vs. the BookwormEnglish2
68The Noob WatchmenEnglish2
70When We Were NoobsEnglish2
71Much Anoob About NothingEnglish2
72The League of Noob DoominatorsEnglish2
73Noobs Just Wanna Have FunEnglish2
74N-o-o-b Spells NoobEnglish2
75The Good, the Bad and the NoobyEnglish2
76Noob Dunnit!English2
77Noob and ImprovedEnglish2
78Pie-ramid Pizza with Extra Noob!English2