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No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1A Noob Hope; The Noobs Strike BackEnglish1
2Super Noob Suits; Noobies vs. SmoothiesEnglish1
3Go Noob Outside; Curb Your NoobEnglish1
4Noob Kids on the Block; Fourth Down and Noob to GoEnglish1
5Who, What, Where and Noob; Shake Your NoobieEnglish1
6Where No Noob Has Gone Before; How to Care for Your NoobEnglish1
7The Noobs Meet Count Venamus; Dude, Where's My Noob?English1
8Happy Noob-o-ween; Super Natural NoobsEnglish1
9Tyrannosaurus Noob; When Good Noobs Go BadEnglish1
10Superdoods!; License to NoobEnglish1
11Noobot vs. Venabot; Zooper Noobs!English1
12Noob Kid in Town; Parent Teacher NoobsEnglish1
13Noob It or Lose It; NoobsittersEnglish1
14How to Use Your Noob; A Noob Divided Cannot Noob!English1
15The Supernoobs Super Cup; How to Noob the Science FairEnglish1
16Noobs vs. the Earth-sterminator!; Noob Coloured GlassesEnglish1
17Noob Tube; The Noobie Bluebie BoobyEnglish1
18Let It Noob, Let It Noob, Let It Noob!; To Catch a NoobEnglish1
19The Noobiest Place on Earth!; Count Noob-A-NusEnglish1
20The Noob Cave; To Noob or Not to NoobEnglish1
21I Know You Noob; The Supernoobs Meet the Incredibly Amazing ManEnglish1
22Noobie Mama; Noobs of the Round TableEnglish1
23Super Noob Super Cup Redux; The Noobs vs. Sour PersimmonsEnglish1
24Noobs Go Viral; Noobs vs. Venamus 12English1
25Eyewitness Noobs; A Noob World OrderEnglish1
26Nooby Friday; The Noobs-i-nators 2: Save the Earth!English1