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Dexter's Laboratory
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Dee Deemensional; Dial M For Monkey: Magmanamus; Maternal CombatEnglish1
2Dexter Dodgeball; Dial M For Monkey: Rasslor; Dexter's AssistantEnglish1
3Dexter's Rival; Dial M For Monkey: Simion; Old Man DexterEnglish1
4Double Trouble; Dial M For Monkey: Magmanamus; Dexter's LaboratoryEnglish1
5Jurassic Pooch; Dial M For Monkey: Orgon Grindor; Dimwit DexterEnglish1
6Dee Dee's Room; Dial M For Monkey: Huntor; The Big SisterEnglish1
7Star Spangled Sidekicks; The Justice Friends: TV Super Pals; Game OverEnglish1
8Babysitter Blues; The Justice Friends: Valhallen's Room; Dream MachineEnglish1
9Dollhouse Drama; The Justice Friends: Krunk's Date; The Big CheeseEnglish1
10Way of the Dee Dee; The Justice Friends: Say Uncle Sam; Tribe Called GirlEnglish1
11Spacecase; The Justice Friends: Ratman; Dexter's DebtEnglish1
12Dexter's Rival; The Justice Friends: Bee Where?; MandarkerEnglish1
13Inflata Dee Dee; The Justice Friends: Can't Nap; MonstoryEnglish1
14Beard To Be Feared; Quackor The Fowl; Ant PantsEnglish1
15Mom and Jerry; Chubby Cheese; That Crazy RobotEnglish1
16D & DD; Hamkocks and ArmlocksEnglish1
17Hunger Strikes; The Koos is Loose; Morning StretchEnglish1
18Dee Dee Locks and the Ness Monster; Backfire; Book Em'English1
19Sister's Got a Brand New Bag; Shoo, Shoe Gnomes; Lab of The LostEnglish1
20Labels; Game Show; Fantastic BoyageEnglish1
21Filet of Soul; Golden DisketteEnglish1
22Snowdown; Figure Not Included; Mock 5English1
23Eww, That's Growth; Nuclear Confusion; Germ WarfareEnglish1
24A Hard Day's Day; Road Rash; Ocean CommotionEnglish1
25The Bus Boy; The Justice Friends: Things That Go Bonk in the Night; Ol' McDexterEnglish1
26Sassy Come Home; Photo FinishEnglish1
27Star Check Unconventional; Dexter is Dirty; Ice Cream ScreamEnglish1
28Decode of Honour; World's Greatest Mom; Ultrajerk 2000English1
29Techno Turtle; Surprise!; Got Your GoatEnglish1
30Dee Dee Be Deep; 911; Down in the DumpsEnglish1
31Unfortunate Cookie; The Muffin KingEnglish1
32Picture Day; Now That's a Stretch; Dexter DetentionEnglish1
33Don't Be a Baby; Dial M For Monkey: Peltra; G.I.R.L. SquadEnglish1
34Sports a Poppin'; Koos a la Goop a Goop; Project Dee DeeEnglish1
35Topped Off; Dee Dee's Tail; No Power TripEnglish1
36Sister Mom; The LaughingEnglish1
37Dexter's Lab: A Story; Coupon For Craziness; Better Off WetEnglish1
38Critical Gas; Let's Save the World You Jerk!; Average JoeEnglish1
39Rushmore Rumble; A Boy and His Bug; You Vegetabeleive It!English1
40Aye Aye Eyes; Dee Dee and the ManEnglish1
41Old Flame; Don't Be a Hero; My Favorite MartianEnglish1
42Paper Route Bout; The Old Switcharooms; Trick or TreehouseEnglish1
43Quiet Riot; Accent You Hate; Catch of the DayEnglish1
44Dad is Disturbed; Framed; That's Using Your HeadEnglish1
45DiM; Just an Old Fashioned Lab Song...; RepairanoidEnglish1
46Backwards; The Continuum of Cartoon Fools; Sun, Surf and ScienceEnglish1
47Big Bots; Gooey Aliens That Control Your Mind; Misplaced In SpaceEnglish1
48Dee Dee's Rival; Pslightly Psycho; Game For a GameEnglish1
49Blackfoot and Slim; Trapped With a Vengeance; The Parrot TrapEnglish1
50Dexter and Computress Get Mandark!; Pain in the Mouth; Dexter Vs. Santa's ClawsEnglish1
51Dyno-Might; LABrettoEnglish1
52Last But Not BeastEnglish1
53Streaky Clean; A Dad Cartoon; Sole BrotherEnglish1
54Mind Over Chatter; A Quackor Cartoon; MomdarkEnglish1
55Copping an Attitude; A Failed Lab Experiment; The Grand Daddy Of All InventionsEnglish1
56Poppa Wheelie; A Mom Cartoon; The Mock Side Of The MoonEnglish1
57If Memory Serves; A Mandark Cartoon; Tele TraumaEnglish1
58A Boy Named Sue; Lab on the RunEnglish1
59Dos Boot; A Dee Dee Cartoon; Would You Like That In The CanEnglish1
60That Magic Moment; A Silent Cartoon; Opposites AttractEnglish1
61Scare Tactics; A Mom Cartoon; My Dad vs. Your DadEnglish1
62Comic Relief; A Third Dad Cartoon; Robo Dexo 3000English1
63Glove at First Sight; A Mom & Dad Cartoon; Smells Like VictoryEnglish1
64Oh, Brother; Another Dad Cartoon; Bar ExamEnglish1
65Jeepers, Creepers, Where is Peepers; Go, Dexter Family, Go!English1
66Beau Tie; Remember Me; OverlabbingEnglish1
67Sis-Tem Error; Bad Cable Manners; Dexter's LibraryEnglish1
68The Scrying Game; Monstrosi-Dee Dee; Dad Man WalkingEnglish1
69Dexter's Little Dilemma; Faux Chapeau; D2English1
70Head Band; Stuffed Animal House; Used InkEnglish1
71School Girl Crushed; Chess Mom; Father Knows LeastEnglish1
72Dexter the Barbarian; Tuber Time; Sore EyesEnglish1