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Wabbit A Looney Tunes Production
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Buddha Bugs; Now and Zen; The Inside Bugs; Sun Valley FreezeEnglish1
2St. Bugs and the Dragon; Leaf It Alone; The Bigfoot in Bed; World Wide WabbitEnglish1
3For the Love of Acorns; The Game Is a Foot; The Grim Rabbit; The WringerEnglish1
4White House Wabbit; Bugsbarian; Not Lyin' Lion; Ice Ice BunnyEnglish1
5Wabbit's Wild; All Belts Are Off; Wabbit's Best Friend; Annoying Ex-BoydfriendEnglish1
6Bugs vs Snail; To Catch a Fairy; Bugs in the Garden; ScarecrowEnglish1
7Painter Paint Hare; The Spy Who Bugged Me; Hareplane Mode; Bugs of SteelEnglish1
8Big Trouble; Manner Maid; Bugsfoot; Grim on VacationEnglish1
9Carrot Before the Horse; Trunk With Power; Snow Wabbit; AromatherapistEnglish1
10Raising Your Spirits; Dust Bugster; Computer Bugs; Oils Well That Ends WellEnglish1
11Your Bunny or Your Life; Misjudgment Day; Splashwater Bugs; Fwee Wange WabbitEnglish1
12Beaver Fever; Coyote.Rabbit.Squirrel; Pain & Treasure; Office RockerEnglish1
13Survivalist of the Fittest; The IMPoster; Bugs Over Par; Fast FeudEnglish1
14Sir Little Chin Griffin Hunter; Bugs In Time; Airpork Security; Home A CloneEnglish1
15Bugs on Ice; Bug Scouts; For Whom The Bugs Trolls; To Beach His OwnEnglish1
16Five Star Bugs; Yoga To Be Kidding Me; Rabbits Of The Lost Ark; Appropriate TechnologyEnglish1
17Pork In The Road; Squeaks Upon A Star; Mile Hi Grub; Pole PositionEnglish1
18Thirst Things First; Bugs of Chance; Bugs for Mayor; The Lepra-conEnglish1
19Squeak Show; Rodeo Bugs; Slugsworthy's Mega Mansion; Wile E.'s WalnutsEnglish1
20Just One Of Those Days; Mooch Housin' Syndrome; Sir Littlechin Unicorn Hunter; Erin Go BugsEnglish1
21Proud To Be A Coal Miner's Wabbit; Cabin Fervor; The Grand Barbari-yon; Giant Rabbit HuntersEnglish1
22Amusement Pork; Now You See Me, Now You Still See Me; 'Tis The Seasoning; Winter BlunderlandEnglish1
23Ear! We! Go!; Hare Band; Bugs In The Petting Zoo; Hawaiian IceEnglish1
24Quiet The Undertaking; Bugs Bunny?; Wet Feet; There's A Soccer Born Every MinuteEnglish1
25Pork Lift; Thes In The City; Elmer's Fuddge; Angelo The Mighty FleaEnglish1
26Gorky Pork; Hard Hat Hare; Porky's Duck-livery Service; The Wabbit Who Would Be KingEnglish1