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Huntik: Secrets & Seekers
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1A Seeker Is BornEnglish1
2The Casterwill ClientEnglish1
3Words of Truth, Heart of LiesEnglish1
4Into the River of SecretsEnglish1
5Crawling the CatacombsEnglish1
6Divide and ConquerEnglish1
7The Legacy of ThorEnglish1
8Two Powers Become OneEnglish1
9Absent HeroesEnglish1
10The Treasures of the ArgonautsEnglish1
11The Beautiful TrapEnglish1
12Like Father, Unlike SonEnglish1
13Home TurfEnglish1
14All Work and No PayEnglish1
15The Sceptre DeceptionEnglish1
16The Bookshop HunterEnglish1
17The Vampire Loses it FangsEnglish1
18Memory LaneEnglish1
19Ladies' ChoiceEnglish1
20The Unseen GuideEnglish1
21Coming of AgeEnglish1
22The Golden AspEnglish1
23To Be TogetherEnglish1
24The Secret of Two GenerationsEnglish1
25The Divine ComedyEnglish1
27Doorway to HuntikEnglish2
28The Tower of NostradamusEnglish2
29Cave of the CasterwillsEnglish2
30Knight of the WillbladeEnglish2
31Chasing VoidEnglish2
32The Blood SpiralEnglish2
33Den Vs HarrisonEnglish2
34The Legendary Titan of FateEnglish2
35Zhalia's MissionEnglish2
36Boys will be SeekersEnglish2
37The Casterwill ConnectionEnglish2
38The Titan in the Temple of SunEnglish2
39Sophie on TrialEnglish2
40The Spiral WarEnglish2
41Gremlow Infestation!English2
42The Power of UmbraEnglish2
43Lok's LeadershipEnglish2
44The Dead Magic IslandEnglish2
45The Phoenix's AshesEnglish2
46An Ally from The OrganizationEnglish2
47Rassimov's SecretEnglish2
48Back HomeEnglish2
49Words from EathonEnglish2
50The Spiral MarkEnglish2
51Lok and the BetrayerEnglish2
52Dante's ReturnEnglish2