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Dr. Dimensionpants
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Horn to be Wild; Bravo DimensionpantsEnglish1
2BBF Cortex; Bubble TroubleEnglish1
3Dr. Dimensionpants Camp; Cupcakes at LargeEnglish1
4I Tabby; Robo-TeddyEnglish1
5Showbiz Unicorn; My Pet HumanEnglish1
6Best Christmas Yeti; Christmas Eve Of DestructionEnglish1
7Poppacorn; Pranks-A-LotEnglish1
8Dr. Dimensionsocks; The Cortex In The VortexEnglish1
9Evil Dad; Are You Ready to Oink?!English1
10In Yo' Face Dance; Cave CrasherEnglish1
11How To Scam A Roblin; Fee, Fine, FoeEnglish1
12Air Dimensionpants; Dolly Of DoomEnglish1
13Viking Games; Is There A Doctor In This Dimension?English1
14Dry Clean Only; Princess PerfectpantsEnglish1
15Unicrone Penalty Box; The Pink FeatherEnglish2
16Get Smarter; Motho's BoyEnglish2
17Horn Control; Level 7 Birthday MagicianEnglish2
18Horsing Around; Dr. ConventionpantsEnglish2
19Faster, Higher, Lazier; The Phantom NuisanceEnglish2
20Goody Gobbles; Los Luchadores LiptonEnglish2
21Not So Secret Admirer; Catch And ReleaseEnglish2
22Nice-Inator; Wrongo BongoEnglish2
23The Brainy Sitter; Sidekickn itEnglish2
24Destroy All Chores; Dimension SkirtEnglish2
25Henchman N.O. 94; The Lesser EvilEnglish2
26Destructocorn Transform!; Menters OnlyEnglish2