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Star vs. the Forces of Evil
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Star Comes to Earth; Party with a PonyEnglish1
2Match Maker; School SpiritEnglish1
3Monster Arm; The Other Exchange StudentEnglish1
4Cheer up Star; Quest BuyEnglish1
5Diaz Family Vacation; Brittney's PartyEnglish1
6Mewberty; PixtopiaEnglish1
7Lobster Claws; Sleep SpellsEnglish1
8Blood Moon Ball; Fortune CookiesEnglish1
9Freeze Day; Royal PainEnglish1
10St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward PrincessesEnglish1
11Mewnipendance Day; The Banagic IncidentEnglish1
12Interdimensional Field Trip; Marco Grows a BeardEnglish1
13Storm the CastleEnglish1
14My New Wand!; Ludo in the WildEnglish2
15Mr. Candle Cares; Red BeltEnglish2
16Star on Wheels; FetchEnglish2
17Star vs. Echo Creek; Wand to WandEnglish2
18Starstruck; Camping TripEnglish2
19Starsitting; On the JobEnglish2
20Goblin Dogs; By the BookEnglish2
21Game of Flags; Girls' Day OutEnglish2
22Sleepover; Gift of the CardEnglish2
23Friendenemies; Is MysteryEnglish2
24Hungry Larry; Spider with a Top HatEnglish2
25Into the Wand; Pizza ThingEnglish2
26Page Turner; NaysayaEnglish2
27Bon Bon the Birthday ClownEnglish2
28Raid the Cave; TrickstarEnglish3
29Baby; Running with ScissorsEnglish3
30Mathmagic; The Bounce LoungeEnglish3
31Crystal Clear; The Hard WayEnglish3
32Heinous; All Belts are OffEnglish3
33Collateral Damage; Just FriendsEnglish3
34Face the MusicEnglish3
36The Battle for Mewni: Return to Mewni; Moon the UndauntedEnglish3
37The Battle for Mewni: Book Be Gone; Marco and the KingEnglish3
38The Battle for Mewni: Puddle Defender; King LudoEnglish3
39The Battle for Mewni: ToffeeEnglish3
40Scent of a Hoodie; Rest in PuddingEnglish3
41Club Snubbed; Stranger DangerEnglish3
42Demoncism; Sophomore SlumpEnglish3
43Lint Catcher; Trial by SquireEnglish3
44Princess Turdina; StarfariEnglish3
45Sweet Dreams; Lava Lake BeachEnglish3
46Death Peck; PonymoniumEnglish3
47Night Life; Deep DiveEnglish3
48Monster BashEnglish3
49Stump Day; Holiday SpellcialEnglish3
50The Bogbeast of Boggabah; Total Eclipsa the MoonEnglish3
51Butterfly Trap; Ludo, Where Art Thou?English3
52Is Another Mystery; Marco Jr.English3
53Skooled!; Booth BuddiesEnglish3
54Bam Ui Pati!; Tough LoveEnglish3
57Butterfly FolliesEnglish4
58Escape from the Pie FolkEnglish4
59Moon Remembers; Swim SuitEnglish4
60Ransomgram; Lake House FeverEnglish4
61Yada Yada Berries; Down by the RiverEnglish4
62The Ponyhead Show!; Surviving the SpiderbitesEnglish4
63Out of Business; Kelly's WorldEnglish4
64Curse of the Blood MoonEnglish4
65Princess Quasar Caterpillar and the Magic Bell; Ghost of Butterfly CastleEnglish4
66Cornball!; Meteora's LessonEnglish4
67The Knight Shift; Queen-NappedEnglish4
68Junkin' Janna; A Spell with No NameEnglish4
69A Boy and His DC-700XE; The Monster and the QueenEnglish4
71Doop-Doop; Britta's TacosEnglish4
72Beach Day; Gone Baby GoneEnglish4
73Sad Teen Hotline; JannanigansEnglish4
74Mama Star; Ready, Aim, Fire!English4
75The Right Way; Here to HelpEnglish4
76Pizza Party; The Tavern at the End of the MultiverseEnglish4