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Magical Adventures of Quasimodo
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1Evil UnmaskedEnglish111
2Frollo's RevengeEnglish122
3The Carnival of FoolsEnglish133
4The Star MasterEnglish144
5A Trip to ItalyEnglish155
6The Invisible ThievesEnglish166
7The Court of MiraclesEnglish177
8Witches' EveEnglish188
10Dragon RockEnglish11010
11The Clay ArmyEnglish11111
12The ChoiceEnglish11212
13The Man who wouldn't be KingEnglish11313
14Hope Springs EternalEnglish11414
15The BeastEnglish11515
16The Duel of the MagiciansEnglish11616
17The Abomination's RevengeEnglish11717
18The BarbarianEnglish11818
19A Song of the HeartEnglish11919
20The Music MasterEnglish12020
21The Eye of the EagleEnglish12121
22The OracleEnglish12222
23The TreasureEnglish12323
24A True GypsyEnglish12424
25The GuardiansEnglish12525
26The Secret of the TemplarsEnglish12626