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World of Quest
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Quest Begins;The Not-So-Great EscapeEnglish1
2Between a Rock and a Hard Place; Bottoms UpEnglish1
3The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Anna Maht; Where There's a WayEnglish1
4Croc-a-Doodle-Doo; Tournament of PunishmentEnglish1
5No Prophet No Gain; Trial of Anna MahtEnglish1
6Death by Mockery; Lanze the BoilEnglish1
7Rolling Nestor Gathers No Moss; Mini QuestEnglish1
8In Search of the Royal Family; As the Superworm TurnsEnglish1
9Fall of Odyssia, Part 1; Fall of Odyssia, Part 2English1
10Rash to Judgement; Harvest DayEnglish1
11Left Holding the Bag; War of the GriffinsEnglish1
12Night of the Hunter; World of CarneyEnglish1
13Search For Power, Part 1; Search For Power, Part 2English1
14Search For Deceit; Mystical Tooth FairyEnglish2
15Robin Hood of Odyssia; The Tell Tale Tale TellerEnglish2
16The Crusades; Little Troll Down the LaneEnglish2
17Mirror Quest; Leaper IslandEnglish2
18Musta Been Something Graer Ate; The Great Rutabaga DepressionEnglish2
19Gatling the Transformer; The TowEnglish2
20Katastrophic Storm; World of WaterEnglish2
21Molting Graer;The Body SwitchEnglish2
22Guardian Match; No Way OutEnglish2
23Happy Birthday Nestor; Take a ChanceEnglish2
24Witches of Odyssia; War of the VegivoursEnglish2
25Bizarro Graer; Unlikely AllianceEnglish2
26The Prince and the Pauper; Strange BedfellowsEnglish2