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Clue Club
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. Code
1The Paper Shaper CaperEnglish1
2The Case of the Lighthouse MouseEnglish1
3The Real Gone GondolaEnglish1
4Who's to Blame for the Empty Frame?English1
5Weird Seaweed Creature CaperEnglish1
6Green Thumb CaperEnglish1
7The Disappearing AirportEnglish1
8The Walking House CaperEnglish1
9The Solar Energy CaperEnglish1
10The Vanishing Train CaperEnglish1
11The Dissolving Statue CaperEnglish1
12The Missing Pig CaperEnglish1
13One of the Elephants is MissingEnglish1
14The Amazing HeistEnglish1
15The Circus CaperEnglish1
16The Prehistoric Monster CaperEnglish1