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Dr. Paradigm
Dr. Paradigm
An evil scientist who develop a mutagen serum in order to build an army of Seaviants (sea mutant) and conquer. He plans aire foiled by the sons of his ex-partner, who were turned into mutant sharks. He himself got infected by Piranha DNA, which surface when Dr Paradigm is under stress, giving him the nickname Dr. Piranoid.
About Dr. Paradigm Name: Dr. Paradigm
Specie: Human
Gender: Male
Anthropomorphic: No
Voice Actor: J. Michael Lee
Alignment: Evil
Number of Tf Clips: 3
Number of Scene Clips: 0
Number of Comics: 0
Number of Books: 0
Last Updated: 2013-05-07 21:34:52
Other Forms Dr. Paradigm