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Magica De Spell
Magica De Spell
A sorceress who seek to obtain Scrooge's Number One Dime, in order to boost her power.
About Magica De Spell Name: Magica De Spell
Specie: Duck
Gender: Female
Anthropomorphic: Yes
Voice Actor: June Foray
Alignment: Evil
Number of Tf Clips: 3
Number of Scene Clips: 0
Number of Comics: 0
Number of Books: 0
Last Updated: 2021-04-21 21:01:58
Other Forms Magica De Spell
MugenlazloMugenlazlo2017-06-23 20:14:25

In the episode "Raiders of the Lost Harp", there was a scene where Magica De Spell turned into a fat muscular wrestler. Can someone upload that clip here please? You can find the clip here: ckTales/Season-01-Episode-045-Ra iders-of-the-Lost-Harp?id=12165