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Sabrina Spellman
A half-witch who learn how to control her power and fit into the world.
About Sabrina Spellman Name: Sabrina Spellman
Specie: Human
Gender: Female
Anthropomorphic: No
Voice Actor: Melissa Joan Hart, Emily Hart, Britt McKillip
Alignment: Good
Number of Tf Clips: 47
Number of Scene Clips: 1
Number of Comics: 0
Number of Books: 0
Last Updated: 2023-01-21 20:19:39
Other Forms Sabrina Spellman
Aspie ScalyAspie Scaly2022-07-07 13:45:03

I noticed the animated series has many clips from it here, but the live action one next to none. Only four, all from the first couple seasons.