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Dragoniade2015-07-20 21:27:00

Hello Everyone,
Here is a long due update. Well, not so long, last one was 3 months ago.
5.66 Gb in 589 files over 24 shows.

  • Adventures of Pinocchio, The So many Pinocchio donkey... Sooo overrated.
  • Angel Links Not much transformations but... Duuz Delax Rex!!!
  • Atlantis After Merlin, yet another BBC series that totally screws the original myth with a lengthy plot that fail to deliver.
  • Avengers Assemble One failure of a continuation... People wondered if Disney buying Marvel would hurt them.. Well, 3 shows and 3 sucks... Look like it. At least there are TF and reptiles.
  • Batman: Assault on Arkham What is Batman without at least a Bane muscle inflation?
  • Batman The Brave and the Bold Resampled video to HD. Bunch of TF.
  • Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts Another Batman classic: the Man-bat, with cheap wing animation. Yet, it's always nice to see Man-Bat and Killer Croc.
  • Beware the Batman Cheap CGI for a shot lived Batman show. While DC can make great animated movie, their 3D shows fails!
  • Bitten Season 2 of Bitten with, of course, more werewolves.. How original... Please, someone make a show with something more than fricking wolves!
  • Black Mask 2: City of Masks Kung fu movies and a mad geneticist. At least the reptiles masks are descent.
  • Brave A typical Disney movie transformation: all hidden. But the bears and horse are so nicely rendered!
  • Cabin in the Woods, The A group of young adult in the wood, some mysterious laboratory, and a twist in the horror movie genre. Wish something else had been picked rather than zombie.
  • Camp Lakebottom More transformation. The chicken is still one of the few one worthwhile.
  • Chronicles Of Narnia - The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, The Some cool dragon. At least, they give the dragon a lot more visibility. Too bad there was not a detailed transformation and that he had to get rid of it.
  • Chronicles of Narnia (BBC), The The first adaptation with very bad costume. Well, I guess some furries would want to get their hand on those. Both version of The 3rd book have been include so that you can compare (or laugh) at the difference.
  • Golden Child, The Eddie Murphy protecting a kid from a shape-shifting demon.
  • Horrid Henry When a naughty kid got imagination, you get to have some TF. And there are quite a few nice ones too, especially the dinosaur ones.
  • Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. Yet another Disney/Marvel mess... They should have called the Super Hulkies, in honor to the Superfriends, since they both share the same writing errors. Still, some nice reptilian critters... and DEVIL DINOSAUR!
  • Justice League - War Yet another Justice League origin story but this time, Darkseid centered.
  • Kung Fu Dino Posse All you need to make an action cartoon: anthropomorphic reptiles? Checked! Martial Art? Check! Villain with an ego? Check! Not taking itself seriously? CHECKED!
  • Red: Werewolf Hunter (YAWM) Yet another werewolf movie. With cheap CGI and cheap werewolf, aka furry with no tails.
  • Son of Batman Nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah nah-nah... MAN-BATS and Killer Croc.
  • Stardust Blurry goat, bird and chinchilla TF for people without budget.
  • Superman vs the Elite Only a dragon scene.

Next update scheduled before 7 October 2015 :)

P.S. Transformation Fanart or plain fanart as a sign of support are always appreciated. I'm still pondering organizing another contest in that matter. You're opinion is welcome if you have something to say about that idea.

Dragoniade2015-04-29 21:20:36

Hi Everyone,
Back from vacation in Florida and had a great time. Basked to the sun, saw alligators, lizards, orca and dolphins . And I meet Lucern.
But now, back to work with an update.

What has been updated:

Until next update and support and chat/feedback are always welcome!

Dragoniade2015-03-26 00:20:15

New update!

What has been updated:

* Remastered means clips have been recaptured from the Low resolution tape to their proper resolutions, depending on the source (SDTV: 640x480 , HDTV: 1280x720 , Blu-ray: 1920x1080). Remastering doesn't mean resizing a clip to a bigger size then claiming it's of better resolution...

Dragoniade2015-03-08 21:45:46

Status update

The site has been update. As I previously announced, this isn't a clips update. But with that update out of the way, I can finally resume uploading new video. And if all goes well, I should have something this week.

While this update has a lot of internal change that won't really affect user, but mostly how I update and manage the site, there are 2 features that are quite important.

First, I changed the video player to something more modern, more HTML5. It has a bigger viewing area, but most importantly, it has High Definition mode.
Since the new format, all clips that were downloadable had a preview, a low resolution streamable video. For the full resoltion, you had to download the AVI. This was mostly due because AVI were the main format I was using and NOT A SINGLE online brower would play AVI. But with the arrival if HD and True HD, I've changed to MP4 and discarted AVI. This mean that all file natively in MP4 will be playable in HD.
Sadly, older AVI still won't play. However, with each update, I'll convert older files to MP4 and upload them, so that the full resolution will be available to playback. I cannot, however, blindly reencode everything. Some older files would simply look blocky with a double compression. Those will have to be remade.
So, if a clip has both it's preview an HD file available, you will see an HD button on the player. Just press it to play the origina file on the browser.

Secondly, the search engine is up. While all clips were already browsable by category or media origins, you couldn't do free text search. Now you can.
The search feature:

  • Text search by simply entering a term. Exemple: dragon
  • Field search for:
    • Search by gender by using the field gender. Exemple: 'gender:male' for male character transforming
    • Search by specie by using the field specie. Exemple: 'specie:dragon' for dragon character transforming
Now, those field search rely on know character. Until now, generic characters weren't added to the clip metadata. This is a project I would like to start and could use some help. It mean taking all clips with generic noun, like 'man', 'woman', 'boy', 'girl', etc and adding a generic male or female character. If you want to help, contact me.

I've also changed how ads are displaying... Thanks to some furry idiots, who ignored the site guideline and posted porn pictures as their avatar, the site has been blacklisted by Google because I didn't catch their avatar in time. Thanks to them, the site is no longer on adsense and other Google services. Now, I'm notified each time someone change their avatar or ego portrait, to avoid having porn picture visible in public...

So, time for to get back on the train, resume update, and contact the person who asked what they can do to help. Until next time and help and support will always be welcome.


Dragoniade2015-01-01 00:00:00

The end of the year is approaching, and it's time to post an update on the current status of the site.
The last update is dated from last March and since then, nothing.

Two projects were on the table:

  • The search engine and a bunch of fix / update on the layout and features, such as the addition of streaming video.
  • A traditional update with new clips.

However, something happened in May: a member of my family was diagnosed with cancer. A month later, they finally found a buyer for their house.
This lead to a series of cancellations that affected the site.

Normally, I take my vacation time away from the Internet and distraction (going fishing, etc) to work on an update. This got cancelled, thus the free time I usually took for the site was gone.
With my relative sick and needing to move his belonging to the new place, I took days off from works to help. You may not know, but moving from one farm to another imply a LOT of stuff to carry over. And both aren't next door to each other.
And my job doesn't really allow to take days off. Therefore, the days taken were simply retaken as overtime later on, which kind of remove the free time I would have spent working on the site.
Hunting was also cancelled, which was another of such time away from distraction.

This lasted until last week.

Now, things are settling back in place. My relative had had his surgery. They are at their new place. My accumulated work has been cleared at the office. I've cleared the 6000 accumulated deviations on DeviantArt. I can resume where I left.

First thing first, I will finish the code update. Search and streaming has been on hold for too long. And a certain name not longer associated with the site has to be removed.

Second, nearly a year is way too long between updates. I know I don't have the luxury of having all my days work-free and not worrying about a job, but that's not excuse. Especially with the last donation (of the very few I receive) I just received (which I'm very grateful, thank you). So for 2015, I'll try, no, need, to get more updates rolling.

But I may repeat myself, help would be welcome. I'm all alone on the site. Stonegate is gone. Feedback is non-existent. I only got feedback from 1 or 2 persons. References are few, I only 3 have been referring me useful content to look for. And no, messages like "Please update the site with 15 angry bird TF clips" are not helpful. I need the name of the show, movies, game. I need which episode. I need something to work with. Especially since I don't pirate all my clips, and looking at every single episode of a series really can be time consuming.

I could also use help in labelling clips. I need at least one person to identify clips, which doesn't have an existing character, which feature a male or female character. I can do fuzzy search to put that flag, based on generic word like man, woman, girl, etc., but that will leave room to erroneous entries, and as a perfectionist, I hate that kind of mistake.

So, if you can help and want to help, please contact me. I would like to make a contributor / supporter page and be able to put some name on it.

Sorry again for the bad 2014 years of update. Lets wish for a better 2015!

And sorry to any email I may have not replied for. Some may get lost in all the mayhem, and if you don't mind for late reply, always feel free to remind me and send your message again (as long it's not for more Angry Bird clip).


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