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About this clip Show: Cybersix
Episode: Full Moon Fascination
Language: English 
Duration: 40 Seconds
Contributor: Dragoniade
Last Updated: 2008-09-05 16:39:11
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    tfaddict2993tfaddict29932008-09-06 22:10:37


    drcbllzdrcbllz2008-09-25 01:49:02

    Perfect tf scene with great results. Just the right amount of time, and always something new to see with each review.

    thequietfoxthequietfox2009-05-22 15:31:41

    Judging from his reaction, I don't think Lucas realizes how unbelievably hot he is. XD

    luminousluminous2012-05-13 02:45:26

    Nice tf scene and it looks hot as well.