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Ludmilla into Dragon
About this clip Show: Bartok the Magnificent
Episode: Bartok the Magnificent
Language: English 
Duration: 2 Minutes 58 Seconds
Contributor: Dragoniade
Last Updated: 2019-11-17 20:45:37
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    ShadyIMGShadyIMG2009-04-07 10:50:28

    Seen this on YouTube before. Great TF. Actually. I saw the screens here first.

    MugenlazloMugenlazlo2016-01-15 17:50:58

    Why did the potion turn Ludmilla into a dragon?

    Bahamut255Bahamut2552017-09-21 11:26:35

    Most likely, as it was intended to make its Drinker be outwardly what they were truly like inside multiplied by 10, that's why. Given what Ludmilla was really like, her willingness to Murder her own Nephew for the sake of Power, it made her a crazed power-hungry Dragoness.

    Might explain the collapsed mentality, but I like to attribute that to the sheer shock, and terror she experienced when she finally realised what was happening to her.