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Man into Lion (Revert)
About this clip Show: Legend of Crystania
Episode: Legend of Crystania
Language: English 
Duration: 14 Seconds
Contributor: Dragoniade
Last Updated: 2022-04-10 20:05:27
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    SetphaserstomissSetphaserstomiss2010-11-25 22:07:10

    Man, I remember seeing a preview of this movie over a decade ago. I wanted to see it for SOOO long. I didn't even know what the whole "TF" scene was about at the time, but I know now that's why I wanted to see it. Finally, a couple of years back I saw it for the first time, English dubbed. I was less than impressed with it at the time. I liked how they were able to vary the degree of their own transformation while being in full control but I don't remember there being much substance for story. I found out later that this was a spin off of The Record of Lodoss War and I haven't seen that. One of these days I'll have to watch that film then watch this movie again and see if it has any lasting impressions.