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Mice into Horses, Lizard and Goose into Human (Revert)
About this clip Show: Cinderella (2015)
Episode: Cinderella (2015)
Language: English 
Duration: 2 Minutes 59 Seconds
Contributor: Dragoniade
Last Updated: 2022-09-09 14:48:23
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    Bahamut255Bahamut2552017-07-13 09:23:49

    One of the points (of not all that many) where this version of Cinderella outdid its Animated Predecessor. Namely in showing the very real dangers of a Coach, its Driver, Horses, and Footmen all reverting back to their True Forms while Running Full Belt! As well as actually taking some time to happen as opposed to the 'Ping!' effect from the 1950 version.