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Batman The Brave and the Bold
AirplaneAnimal TF: Dragon
Horse & SpiderCreature TF: Monster
Batman, BatWomanMind Change: Switch
Bat-MiteBody Alteration: Head
Batman, Flash, HawkmanAge Change: Progression
Plastic ManInanimated TF: Car
Batman, Flash, HawkmanAge Change: Progression (Revert)
AlienSize: Growth
BatmanOutfit Change: Clothes
Jason BloodCreature TF: Demon
Energy MonsterSize Change: Growth
Lion, BoarAnimal TF: Chimera
Starro, PeopleInflation: Muscle
Plastic ManElemental TF: Stone
ArrowAnimal TF: Bird
Plastic ManElemental TF: Stone (Revert)
BatmanAge Change: Regression
The Atom & AquamanSize: Shrink
CatmanAnimal TF: Cat
BatmanAge Change: Regression
Jason BloodCreature TF: Demon (Revert)
BatmanAge Change: Regression
Batman & Bronze TigerAnimal TF: Tiger & Bat
MenAnimal TF: Various
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