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Captain Planet and the Planeteers
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1A Hero for EarthEnglish1     X
2Rain of TerrorEnglish1     X
3Beast of the TempleEnglish1     X
4Skumm LordEnglish1     X
5Deadly RansomEnglish1     X
6The ConquerorEnglish1     X
7Last of her KindEnglish1     X
8The Dead SeasEnglish1     X
9Tree of LifeEnglish1     X
10Volcano's WrathEnglish1     X
11Littlest PlaneteerEnglish1     X
12A World Below UsEnglish1     X
13Plunder DamEnglish1     X
14Meltdown SyndromeEnglish1     X
15Smog HogEnglish1     X
16Polluting by ComputerEnglish1     X
17Don't Drink the WaterEnglish1     X
18Kwame's CrisisEnglish1     X
19Ozone HoleEnglish1     X
20The Ultimate PollutionEnglish1     X
21Population BombEnglish1     X
22Mission to Save Earth, Part 1English1     X
23Mission to Save Earth, Part 2English1     X
24Two Futures, Part 1English1     X
25Two Futures, Part 2English1     X
26Heat WaveEnglish1     X
27Mind PollutionEnglish2     X
28The Garbage StrikesEnglish2     X
29Domes of DoomEnglish2     X
30Send in the ClonesEnglish2     X
31The PredatorEnglish2     X
32The ArkEnglish2     X
33Isle of Solar EnergyEnglish2     X
34The Coral KillerEnglish2     X
35The Big Clam UpEnglish2     X
36An Inside JobEnglish2     X
37The Fine PrintEnglish2     X
38Off Road HogEnglish2     X
39Trouble on the Half ShellEnglish2     X
40StardustEnglish2     X
41The Blue Car LineEnglish2     X
42Birds of a FeatherEnglish2     X
43Summit to Save Earth, Part 1English2     X
44Summit to Save Earth, Part 2English2     X
45Losing GameEnglish2     X
46A Twist of FateEnglish2     X
47The Great Tree HeistEnglish2     X
48Scorched EarthEnglish2     X
49The Hate CanalEnglish2     X
50Radiant AmazonEnglish2     X
51Fare Thee WhaleEnglish2     X
52UtopiaEnglish2     X
53Greenhouse PlanetEnglish3     X
54A Creep from the DeepEnglish3     X
55The Deadly GlowEnglish3     X
56A Perfect WorldEnglish3     X
57The Dream MachineEnglish3     X
58Bitter WatersEnglish3     X
59The Guinea PigsEnglish3     X
60OK at the Gunfight CorralEnglish3     X
61Canned HuntEnglish3     X
62Hog TideEnglish3     X
63A Formula for HateEnglish3     X
64If It's Doomsday, This Must Be BelfastEnglish3     X
65The Night of the WolfEnglish3     X
66A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part oneEnglish4     X
67A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste Part twoEnglish4     X
68I Just Want to Be Your Teddy BearEnglish4     X
69Missing LinkaEnglish4     X
70The Unbearable Blightness of BeingEnglish4     X
71Wheeler's ArkEnglish4     X
72Sea No EvilEnglish4     X
73Future ShockEnglish4     X
74I've Lost My MayanEnglish4     X
75Talkin' TrashEnglish4     X
76The Energy VampireEnglish4     X
77Bottom Line GreenEnglish4     X
78Gorillas Will Be MissedEnglish4     X
79Bug OffEnglish4     X
80You Bet Your PlanetEnglish4     X
81Going Bats, ManEnglish4     X
82Jail House FlockEnglish4     X
83High SteaksEnglish4     X
84Planeteers Under GlassEnglish4     X
85Orangu-TangleEnglish4     X
86No Horsing AroundEnglish4     X
87'Teers in the 'HoodEnglish4     X
88Twilight OzoneEnglish5     X
89HollywasteEnglish5     X
90The Ghost of Porkaloin PastEnglish5     X
91The Disoriented ExpressEnglish5     X
92Horns A' PlentyEnglish5     X
93A River Ran Through ItEnglish5     X
94No Place Like HomeEnglish5     X
95Little Crop of HorrorsEnglish5     X
96In Zarm's WayEnglish5     X
97No Small ProblemEnglish5     X
98Numbers GameEnglish5     X
99Nothing's SacredEnglish5     X
100Who's Running the Show?English5     X
101An Eye for an EyeEnglish6     X
102Whoo Gives a HootEnglish6     X
103Frog Day AfternoonEnglish6     X
104Five Ring Panda-MoniumEnglish6     X
105A Good Bomb Is Hard to FindEnglish6     X
106Twelve Angry AnimalsEnglish6     X
107Dirty PoliticsEnglish6     X
108One of the GangEnglish6     X
109Old Ma RiverEnglish6     X
110Delta GoneEnglish6     X
111Never the Twain Shall MeetEnglish6     X
112Greed Is the WordEnglish6     X
113101 MutationsEnglish6     X