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Captain Caveman and the Teen Angels
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1The Kooky Case of the Cryptic KeysEnglish1      
2The Mixed Up Mystery of Deadman's ReefEnglish1      
3What a Flight for a FightEnglish1      
4The Creepy Case of the Creaky Charter BoatEnglish1      
5Big Scare in the Big TopEnglish1      
6Double Dribble RiddleEnglish1      
7The Crazy Case of the Tell-Tale TapeEnglish1      
8The Creepy Claw CaperEnglish1      
9Cavey and the Kabuta ClueEnglish1      
10Cavey and the Weirdo WolfmanEnglish1      
11The Disappearing Elephant MysteryEnglish1      
12The Fur Freight FrightEnglish1      
13Ride 'Em CavemanEnglish1      
14The Strange Case of the Creature from SpaceEnglish1      
15The Mystery Mansion Mix-UpEnglish1      
16Playing Footsie with BigfootEnglish1      
17Disco CaveyEnglish1      
18Muscle-Bound CaveyEnglish1      
19Cavey's Crazy Car CaperEnglish1      
20Cavey's Mexicali 500English1      
21Wild West CaveyEnglish1      
22Cavey's WInter Carnival CaperEnglish1      
23Cavey's Fashion FiascoEnglish1      
24Cavey's Missing Missile Miss-teryEnglish1      
25The Scarifying Seaweed SecretEnglish1      
26The DummyEnglish1      
27Cavey and the Volcanic VillainEnglish1      
28Prehistoric PanicEnglish1      
29Cavey and the Baffling Buffalo ManEnglish1      
31Cavey and the Murky Mississippi MysteEnglish1      
32Old Cavey in New YorkEnglish1      
33The Albino RhinoEnglish1      
34Kentucky CaveyEnglish1      
35Cavey Goes to CollegeEnglish1      
36The Haunting of Hog's HollowEnglish1      
37The Legend of Devil's RunEnglish1      
38The Mystery of the Meandering MummyEnglish1      
39The Old Caveman and the SeaEnglish1      
40Lights, Camera... Cavey!English1