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SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1The Bride of Darkseid, Part 1; The Bride of Darkseid, Part 2English1     X
2The Wrath of Braniniac; Reflections in CrimeEnglish1     X
3No Honor Among Thieves; Mr. MXYZPTLK And The Magic LampEnglish1     X
4The Case Of The Shrinking Super Friends; The Mask Of MysteryEnglish1     X
5The Island Of The Dinosoids- Uncle MxyzptlkEnglish1     X
6The Case Of The Dreadful Dolls- The Royal RuseEnglish1     X
7The Village Of Lost Souls; The CuratorEnglish1     X
8Darkseid's Golden Trap, Part 1; Darkseid's Golden Trap, Part 2English1     X