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Little Mermaid the Series
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1A Whale Of A TaleEnglish1 X   X
2The Great SebastianEnglish1     X
3StormyEnglish1     X
4UrchinEnglish1     X
5Double BubbleEnglish1     X
6Message In A BottleEnglish1     X
7CharmedEnglish1     X
8Marriage Of InconvenienceEnglish1     X
9In HarmonyEnglish1     X
10ThingamajiggerEnglish1     X
11RedEnglish1     X
12BeachedEnglish1     X
13Trident TrueEnglish1     X
14Eel-Lectric CityEnglish1     X
15Resigned To ItEnglish1     X
16Calliope DreamsEnglish1     X
17Save The WhaleEnglish1     X
18Against The TideEnglish1     X
19GigglesEnglish1     X
20Wish Upon A StarfishEnglish1     X
21A Tale Of Two CrabsEnglish1     X
22Metal FishEnglish1     X
23T'ank You For Dat, ArielEnglish1     X
24ScuttleEnglish1     X
25King CrabEnglish1     X
26Island Of FearEnglish1     X
27Land Of The DinosaursEnglish1     X
28HeroesEnglish1     X
29The Beast WithinEnglish1     X
30Ariel's TreasuresEnglish1     X
31A Little EvilEnglish1     X