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Dragon's Lair
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1The Tale of the Enchanted GiftEnglish1  X  X
2Sir Timothy's QuestEnglish1  X  X
3The Tournament of the Phantom KnightEnglish1  X  X
4The Smithee's Haunted ArmorEnglish1  X  X
5The Pool of YouthEnglish1  X  X
6The Story of Old AlfEnglish1  X  X
7The Song of the ChimesEnglish1  X  X
8The Girl from Crow's WoodEnglish1  X  X
9Mirror, MirrorEnglish1  X  X
10The Snow WitchEnglish1  X  X
11The Tale of Dirk's New SwordEnglish1  X  X
12The Legend of the Giant's NameEnglish1  X  X
13The Mist of WishesEnglish1  X  X