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Transformers: Robots in Disguise
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1Pilot, Part 1English1     X
2Pilot, Part 2English1     X
3Trust ExercisesEnglish1     X
4More than Meets the EyeEnglish1     X
5W.W.O.D.?English1     X
6As the Kospego Commands!English1     X
7Collect 'Em AllEnglish1     X
8True ColorsEnglish1     X
9Rumble in the JungleEnglish1     X
10Can You Dig it?English1     X
11Adventures in Bumblebee-sitting!English1     X
12Hunting SeasonEnglish1     X
13Out of FocusEnglish1     X
14SidewaysEnglish1     X
15Even Robots Have NightmaresEnglish1     X
16Some Body, Any BodyEnglish1     X
17One Of Our Mini-Cons Is MissingEnglish1     X
18Deep TroubleEnglish1     X
19The ChampEnglish1     X
20The Trouble With FixitEnglish1     X
21State Of SiegeEnglish1     X
22Sworn FriendsEnglish1     X
23The Queen BeeEnglish1     X
24Ghosts and ImpostersEnglish1     X
25Battlegrounds, Part 1English1     X
26Battlegrounds, Part 2English1     X
27Overloaded, Part 1English2     X
28Overloaded, Part 2English2     X
29Metal MeltdownEnglish2     X
30SuspendedEnglish2     X
31Cover MeEnglish2     X
32BrainpowerEnglish2     X
33MisdirectionEnglish2     X
34Bumblebee's Night OffEnglish2     X
35ImpoundedEnglish2     X
36PortalsEnglish2     X
37OutstandingEnglish2     X
38Decepticon Island, Part 1English2     X
39Decepticon Island, Part 2English2     X
40History LessonsEnglish2     X
41Strongarm's Big ScoreEnglish2     X
42Pretzel LogicEnglish2     X
43Mighty Big TroubleEnglish2     X
44Mini-Con MadnessEnglish2     X
45WorthyEnglish2     X
46King of the Hill, Part 1English3     X
47King of the Hill, Part 2English3     X
48DefrostedEnglish3     X
49BlurredEnglish3     X
50Sphere of InfluenceEnglish3     X
51Bee CoolEnglish3     X
52The Great DivideEnglish3     X
53Get a ClueEnglish3     X
54Out of the ShadowsEnglish3     X
55Disordered PersonalitiesEnglish3     X
56Guilty As ChargedEnglish3     X
57The Golden KnightEnglish3     X
58The Fastest Bot Alive!English3     X
59Railroad RageEnglish3     X
60Combine and ConquerEnglish3     X
61Moon BreakerEnglish3     X
62ExilesEnglish3     X
63Breathing RoomEnglish3     X
64Prepare for DepartureEnglish3     X
65Prisoner PrinciplesEnglish3     X
66Collateral DamageEnglish3     X
67Something He AteEnglish3     X
68Sick as a BotEnglish3     X
69Five FugitivesEnglish3     X
70Enemy of My EnemyEnglish3     X
71Freedom FightersEnglish3     X