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Camp Lakebottom
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1Escape From Camp Lakebottom; Rise of the Bottom DwellersEnglish11     X
2Afternoon of the Living Gitch; Mindsuckers From the DepthsEnglish12     X
3Jaws of Old Toothy; ArachnattackEnglish13     X
4Cluck of the Were-Chicken; Gnome ForceEnglish14     X
5Stage Fright; FrankenfixerEnglish15     X
6Cheeks of Dread; Doo Doo DoomsdayEnglish16     X
7The Lakebottom Marshmallow Massacre; 28 Suzis LaterEnglish17     X
8Pranks for Nothing; Zombie DearestEnglish18     X
9Terror From the Toybox; Slimeball RunEnglish19     X
10Bite of the Buttsquat; Sword of IttybitticusEnglish110     X
11It's a Headless Horse, Man; Voyage to the Bottom of the DeepEnglish111     X
12Pirates of Ickygloomy; Attack of the 50-Foot SquirtEnglish112     X
13Bloody Marty; Ghost in the MowerEnglish113     X
14Trouble in Spit Creek; The Spy Who Quatched MeEnglish1     X
15Ants in My Camp; Fanboy FreakoutEnglish1     X
16Are You My Mummy?; Slimey ComeEnglish1     X
17McGee T; The Great Tiki HuntEnglish1     X
18The Superfantastic Mega-Buds; It Came From My NoseEnglish1     X
19McGee the Mermaid; Welcome to ButtconEnglish1     X
20High Plains Garbage Eater; Dream a Little ScreamEnglish1     X
21Camp Plantbottom; Game OverEnglish1     X
22Clockwork Slime; Ride the Haunted HowlerEnglish1     X
23Buttastic Journey; Monkey See, Monkey Kung FuEnglish1     X
24Camp Red Drawn; Pandora's JockEnglish1     X
25Ring Around the Gretchen; Chili Con CarnageEnglish1     X
26Valley of the Iguanasquat; The Legend of Wiggly's GoldEnglish1     X
27Adventures in Bottomland; Golem My WayEnglish2     X
28S.P.U.D.S.; "Monster Hunters R Us"English2     X
29Golfadoom (Unfairway of Doom); There Is Something About MambaEnglish2     X
30Eclipsalypso; Apocalypse SquirtEnglish2     X
31Itchy Witchy Pizza Project; Breakout From Buttvault BEnglish2     X
32Scare-a-Normal Activity; Beast FeastEnglish2     X