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Emperor's New School, The
No.EpisodeLocaleSeasonProd.Prod. CodeBootleg TapeTapeDVDRmLow AviAvi
1Rabbit FaceEnglish1     X
2Empress Malina; The Adventures of Red-Eyed Tree Frog ManEnglish1     X
3Cart Wash; Battle of the BotsEnglish1     X
4Peasant for a DayEnglish1     X
5The Mystery of Micchu PachuEnglish1     X
6Hungry, Hungry Llama; Only The Wrong SurviveEnglish1     X
7Squeakend At Bucky's; Kuzco FeverEnglish1     X
8Unfit to Print; The Emperor's New PetEnglish1     X
9Clash of the FamiliesEnglish1     X
10The Lost Kids; The Big FightEnglish1     X
11KuzcloneEnglish1     X
12Girls Behaving OddlyEnglish1     X
13Fortune Cookie Day; Gold FoolsEnglish1     X
14The New Kid;Officer KronkEnglish1     X
15The Bride of KuzcoEnglish1     X
16U.F.kuzcO.; Attack SubEnglish1     X
17Kronk Moves InEnglish1     X
18Kuzcogarten; Evil and EvilerEnglish1     X
19The Yzma That Stole Kuzcoween; Monster MasqueradeEnglish1     X
20Oops, All Doodles; Chipmunky BusinessEnglish1     X
21YzmopolisEnglish1     X
22The Emperor's New Tuber; Room for ImprovementEnglish2     X
23Cool Summer; Prisoner of KuzcobanEnglish2     X
24Ramon's a Crowd; GuakamentaryEnglish2     X
25Show Me the Monkey; Demon LlamaEnglish2     X
26Picture This!; TV or Not TVEnglish2     X
27Kuz-Cop; How Now Sea Cow?English2     X
28A Fair To Remember; Working GirlEnglish2     X
29Curse of the Moon Beast; Aww, Nuts!English2     X
30The Emperor's New School Spirit; Card WarsEnglish2     X
31Mudka's Secret Recipe; The Emperor's New Home SchoolEnglish2     X
32The Emperor's New MusicalEnglish2     X
33A Giftmas StoryEnglish2     X
34No Man Is An Island; Vincent Van GuakaEnglish2     X
35Air Kuzco; KronkenitzaEnglish2     X
36Come Fly with Me; Project PonchoEnglish2     X
37Citizen Kronk; The Pajama Llama DilemmaEnglish2     X
38Yzma Be Gone; Last Ditch EffortEnglish2     X
39The Good, the Bad and the Kronk; Mudka's # 13English2     X
40Auction Action; The Astonishing Kuzco-ManEnglish2     X
41Guaca RulesEnglish2     X
42Malina's Big Break; Hotel KuzcoEnglish2     X
43Father O Mine; Everybody Loves KuzcoEnglish2     X
44Puff Piece; Take My AdviceEnglish2     X
45Yzbot; The Puma WhisperEnglish2     X
46Kronk the Magnificent; Camp KuzcEnglish2     X
47Groove Remover; Overachiever's ClubEnglish2     X
48Emperor's New Show; Too Many MalinasEnglish2     X
49Faking the Grade; Eco KuzcoEnglish2     X
50Kuzcokazooza; Kuzco's Little SecretEnglish2     X
51CornivaleEnglish2     X
52Graduation GrooveEnglish2     X