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Hi there Dragoniade, in the Tom & Jerry Tales page, I noticed that when you updated this page, you don't have a few clips, with one from the episode "Which Witch" where the witches turn into dogs, and one from "Body Slammers", where an alien turns into Tom and Jerry. Is this possible if you can add these clips, Please? They would be in HD.
Hey Dragoniade, I noticed that some your earlier updates from January to December are missing. In addition, I would also like you to improve your website by having major changes to incorrect categories.
Hey Dragoniade. I would like to talk about the categories. In this case, some like Codename Kids Next Door and Class of the Titans are misplaced. In this case one has Inflation: Muscle and the other Avian: Vulture. Since you didn't reply, can you fix these clips by replacing them with Feline: Panther and Equine: Donkey? Does that answer you?
Hey Dragoniade, I noticed that in one of the Steven Universe clips with Amethyst, she actually turned into a wrestler, not a monster. So can you fix it by replacing Creature (Humanoids): Monster with Primate: Human?
Hey there, I was here to say about the Tom & Jerry clips. One of them is the Tom & Jerry Tales episode Which Witch, in which two witches turn into bulldogs at the end. In addition, there are also others from The Tom and Jerry Show from 2014, like the werewolf transformation and others that are not on there. Is this possible for these clips to be added?
Hey there. I noticed that when you updated Phineas and Ferb, it doesn't have all the transformations that I expected. Is this possible for you to have all episodes that have transformations in them?
In The Tom and Jerry Show from 2014, there are some clips that are missing, like the werewolf transformation and others. Does anyone have these?
Hi, I want to submit transformation clips from Sheena, which have Sheena turning into animals. Does anyone have these clips from the complete series? I know that there is only one clip and more of the others are missing.
In the Ultimate Spider-Man page, there are some clips missing, such as the age transformation clips, like the one from The Itsy Bitsy Spider-Man, where Spider-Man and his team turn into babies, Snow Day where Sandman disguises himself as a boy, the episode Carnage where Spider-Man turns into Carnage and the others from the fourth and final season, the giant lizard transformation. Is this possible for it to be updated again? These clips would be added if it is updated.
Dragoniade, I noticed that one of the shows you updated is Atomic Betty, but it doesn't have transformations such as werewolves from Werewolves on Zeebot among some others. Can you update this show with these new clips?
Has anyone have the werewolf transformations that has three students from the Spider-Man episode Halloween Moon aside from the Hulk and revert transformation and the Venom transformation from the Guardians of the Galaxy episode Drive My Carnage? These are some of the transformations that would be on this site. I'm wondering if they would be on when you update these shows again. Is this possible?
Dragoniade's email hasn't been responding to me. So, is there a way I can ask for requests from my email? I would like to ask for requests to make changes and updates on the site.
Dragoniade, I noticed one of the shows you updated which is All Dogs Go to Heaven series but it still didn't had the transformation clips, so can you add them?
The Sheena page hasn't been updated in a long time, so there are still many transformations you didn't have, so it should be updated.
Dragoniade, I noticed one of the shows you updated which is My Favorite Martian and it doesn't have the Woman Creature TF: Alien (Revert) and Woman turns into alien and reverts from the old update, so can you put them back on?
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