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mewmew666 wrote:Hi I logged in so I could see age-restricted clips and it's still telling me logged in despite the fact I'm already logged in

Check this FAQ regarding mature content:
Well before that, but I don't have a specific year.

SD format started when I got my SVHS or we could extract video from DVD.
HD format started when PVR got available, roughly 2012.
True HD not too long ago, as it depend on blu-ray or digital release of a show or movie
Yes. The avatar and portrait are independent, with the exception that if you don't upload an avatar but a portrait, the portrait will be used as an avatar.
Webp is not supported at this time
There are people such as this one that end up in my ignore list for that.
I think I got over 100 email since 2014 about 'please add X transformations from Y show' with no details at all to help me.

That kind of email automatically get in the spam folder.
If you want to help me, you have to tell me:

Which show they are from.
Which episodes, by name or official number
What they are about
And possibly, where to get them from (Tubi, You Tube, Streaming service, Torrent, DVD purchase location, personal copy to mail me, etc)
Personally, type wise, my least favorite are goo/latex type of transformation.
Most of the time, it's only used to hide the transformation and the details.

It's close to shadow transformation.
It depends.
I have a folder of "ready to go" show that I pick into randomly to fill.

I also pick a show and often try to fill with the related content. For example a full trilogy, a show and movie or a few release and spin-off.

Or if something is newly released, I'm more likely add it too.

It depend on what I see, catch up and spot. Or rarely, what is suggested (like the Sabrina I'm working on)
Mostly, at the time, the show was very hard to get and the DVD were released late.
But with digital copies now available, I'll have a look at what I can do. It's a big series, so without proper listing of existing TF, it can take some time.
  • If you see this image for a clip thumbnail, this is because the clip is flagged as containing mature content.

    In order to access the clip, you must:
    [list]Be logged in

  • Have the Mature filter enabled

  • Enabling Mature filter allow the content to filter through. It will be renamed in the future.
    The feature is in your preference. From the menu, click Home then Preference.

    Scroll down until you see "Mature Filter" and tick "Yes"

    Save and you should now have access to all the clips.

    P.S., the Birthday field is not important. It was supposed to be used for a Birthday message, but that got never implemented. It's not used to determine if you should see the mature content. Only the filter is.
    Send me an email or a message from the contact us page and I'll do the change
    Anmaniac fixed
    When you are logged in:
    Click Home -> Preferences

    Scroll Down, and you'll see "Mature Filter". Select Yes to enable mature content.
    Which video was it (link) ?
    Account deactivated
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