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Nearly 3 months top since the last update and a lot more files.

410 files, 4,62 gigabytes ... No wonder I felt like it was taking an eternity!

A special mention to the french show Wakfu. It feature a GREAT dragon transformation.

  • Being Human (America) The remake of the UK series. Filmed next door in MontrĂ©al.

  • Dragon Crusaders Another cheap ass production from the Asylum (when will they stop?!)

  • Legend of Tarzan Want to know the difference between anthropomorphism and zoomorphism? Those leopard-men are TRUE anthro, not the furry one!

  • Life and Times of Juniper Lee, The

  • Oum le Dauphin Blanc A classic from my childhood.

  • Phineas and Ferb Were-cow, that's something original

  • Spider-Man (1994)You wondered what would be the consequence of Disney bying Marvel? Here it is: censored Spider-Man!

  • Team Galaxy The last 'worthwhile' series from Marathon. I miss their TF prone series...

  • Wakfu A little gem of animation and storyline. The proof again when you want a good animated series, leave the USA and good look elsewhere. AWESOME dragon transformation. Enjoy the frame by frame of it too.

  • Xiaolin Showdown

Other than that, nothing really new.

  • Still pondering doing another contest.

  • Still hoping to get more support or help.

  • New seasons of series are about to start. Grimm and Face Off did, other should follow. So that should add more to the queue of work.

  • Fur Fright is getting closer. If anyone is looking for a room, I got space for one or two in the main hotel. Potty Trained candidate only (What the Fur reference).

  • Wishing people who offer 'support' and wanting to do something supportative would actually mean it and not dissapears after offering it.

Though, there was one thing I've been debating.

The site rely mostly on offline download for the video. Download the video, save it and watch it anytime, anywhere.

There are a very low quality preview to help people decide if they want to download it or not.

  • Is that system fine with everyone?

  • Should I increase the quality of the preview, creating bigger file that are longer to download?

  • Should I get rid of the preview or the download?

Without a stream server, I cannot provide true browsable video like You Tube provide. I can only have a clip that will be fully downloaded and played. That's why I keep the preview file small at the expense of quality.

Would it be worth it to get a stream server running? Considering the time and effort it would require, I probing the terrain before undertaking such project (by myself, again).

For years, I've been promoting having video files available for download on the site.
When You Tube came, I was kind of annoyed when people were telling me to go to You Tube and stop managing the site.

One of my main issue (and still is) with You Tube and other online video site, is their refusal to allow people to Download the video for offline viewing. As bandwidth is somewhat limited for some people, both in speed in capacity, download a video over and over each time you wanted to replay it wasn't appealing to me.

Of course, there are download utilities, must most are a pain to get to work or are commercial products.

On the other hand, you have site where you can just download files and not give any preview, live playback. Bucket like mega upload or distributed content like bittorrent are such media. You normally need to know what to expect, and look elsewhere in case of doubt.

Some site, though in my memory, they are mostly specialized site like game company (Bethesda) or critic site allows their visitor to both see and save their trailer/video.

So, what are you preferred method? Do you have unlimited internet and prefer to watch file online?
Do you prefer to save the video and watch them anywhere, anytime, on any device, internet available or not?
Do you care if the online video is of a lesser quality, if the downloaded content is original and the quality hasn't been altered?
Or do you simple don't watch anything?

Your inputs are welcome.

This poll is on both
on Deviantart : http://dragoniade.deviantart.com/journal/poll/3105170/
Shadowlord inc: http://www.shadowlordinc.com/forum/posts/list/0/96.page
The 3 Ben 10 shows and the 3 movies are currently in the next update queue.
Finally, an update. 4 shows in the D letter.

Danny Phantom
Dave The Barbarian
Duck Dodgers

It has roughly been 9 months since the last update. I don't plan to make such delayed updates an habits, but things have been rather busy here.

About the time of that last update, I decided I had enough with my apartment. So I went looking for a house, and bought one. Moved-in by the end of June. With the paperwork for the morgage, packing, moving, unpacking, fixing up the house, along with my main work, left me not that much time to work on that update. Some bit here and there, but never nothing fully ready to be put online.
On top of that, I filled my PVR and I have been marathoning through it to get new content. As you see, in the meanwhile, I decided to get myself a
kayrom wrote:I can not upload any of my drawings in "art samples" ... please tell me why... Are technical problems ... of dimension, size ...??

Try again. It should be working now.
So Transfur has a new policy, following the suggestion given by the users.
One word about it: FAIL

Wow, 3 new images posted after the new 'relaxed' policy. And what do we get?
Two pictures of a woman fingering herself and one with a huge oversize boner.

Congratulation Transfur! You just opened the door to more porn.
And you wonder what people have so much negative feedback and why you're nicknamed Transporn.

Shame on you. If you wanted to improve your image to the public, by allowing hard porn to be posted, well, you failed. Unless you consider the feedback from a 14 years old important.
Well, post con summary.
Last week-end, I went to Fur Fright for another year. Ended up in the overflow again. Really, this suck when a con get big enough they need 2 or more overflow hotels. Still, they were all within walking distance ( I still drove though) and the last one was rather inexpensive. Still, when you're at one of the overflow, con tent to be a bit more tiresome as you can't to take a break and rest in your room or you have to carry your stuff all day long.

I'll really plan ahead for next year, reserving a room earlier at the main hotel. Hopefully, I can get at least 2 extra people in it to absorb the cost and I really wish to organize something TF oriented. Maybe a Saturday TF room party.
Still, 2 TF fans roommate would be nice.

In summary, the con was nice. I managed to get 23 sketches done in my sketchbooks and picked up a few year due TF comics from Max Black Rabbit, which he did a great job. Spent some time at panel, but I only found 2 or 3 to be interested or not really far right.

Comus' panel about his book was nice, but I fear the book is going to be more a subjective furry self patting one rather than a objective book about furries if nothing is changed. I mean ok, anthropomorphism is one thing, but the whole 'religious' aspect furries has put on it, the rule of "don't say no to furries" is what give furries a bad look. If you're going to say that furries has porn, just like superheroes fandom or Fantasy fandom, don't forget the extremists furries that don't moderate or draw the line, which other fandom does.

The Kemono panel was very interesting. Bringing the history of Kemono, the anthropomorphism in Japan and taking a neutral view. Sort of reminded me of What the Fur panel about furries. An OBJECTIVE view that take the good and the bad, not a view with pink glasses.

I stumbled on a few TF fan and friends too. Orion-J, Sorethumb, Provolvere, Shuan, Comus, Solidasp, Wfa. Wish there was a more official meeting place for TF fan at the con. I think there seem to be a bit more hidden TF fan at this con too.

On another subject, another drive failed during the week-end I was at the con. The RAID went into degraded mode and was still working but there was some corruption.
And you know what? I'm starting to really, really HATE Linux raid. So far, every single time I end up with a busted disk, the file system would get corrupted to a point of losing files.
Sure, not 100% of the files get lost, but you get a file system that nearly has to be rebuilt from scratch from backup every single time.
At this point, why bother with RAID redundancy, that is supposed to save you time by having the system still working, when you're going to restore everything from backup disks at every failure?

I may as well just put the 5 drives as stand alone disks and backup everything daily in an external disk.
If a disk fail, just restore from the bigger one and that's it.

Also SEVEN left to get the SET!
Which is why I promote TF as a non fetish hobbies, as the opposite of fanboys who visit site like CYOC, Transfur, and FagAffinity.

People that goes around and say that they like donkey transformation because they like the penis transformation are the kind of people that give the TF community a bad name.

Sort of the same with furries and those who promote child pornography.
I always considered porn to be like alcohol.

You can drink a beer or two among friend, that's fine and cool.
But when you drink a beer at breakfast, take two during dinner, then has four for supper before having a flask of Visky before heading to bed, then you have a serious issue.
Sadly, the community sound more like the latest, which is very disheartening.
The update is up. This one really took a long time to do, mostly because there were a lot of clips and the show wasn't that interesting. Still, it had some dragon.

So 2 more Yu-Gi-Oh! update.

Regarding further update. I skipped 2 months since the last update. From now on, update are no longer monthly, but as I feel so.

Truth be told, time has taken its toll and I don't feel the magic I once felt working on the site. Lets be truthful, Stonegate is practically KIA. I haven't actively seen him online for years. Some offline AIM message every 6 months but that's it. For the last 5 years, I've been running the show totally alone.

The site is one of the grand-father sites. Not many sites can claim to have been there at the beginning. Not many are still actively updating too. Transfur, CYOC are the only 2 sites I can name that were there a long time ago and still run. Though, some of them suffered from the time too: Tranfur became Transporn and CYOC became a faggotry site.

Still, those 2 sites have something in commons: it's the users that drive the content. The owners are only in charge of hosting and coding. Here, at Shadowlord, I do the coding and I have to provide the content. The hosting is in the hand of someone else, which sort of relieve me of some stress, but still add more as, when something happen, I can't do a single thing about it. It's still a lot of work for a single person, who do everything for free.

No, I haven't lost my love for Transformation. But the online community has taken a very bad direction. All is about porn, porn and more porn. Good transformation, not wank fodder, are getting rare. Transfur get more transporn as it "sell". And new artists sadly seem to take that approach too. A few months ago, for instance, one new artist offered transformations sketch to people. When she started taking commission, she moved to FagAffinity and practically all her work ever since are all bad porn. This is nothing to make things better.

Added to the fact that people are more vocal and expressive toward that kind of content, returns and feedback are pretty low, if not nonexistent. To a point where, when I wanted to work on this update, the question "what's the point of doing this?" often came to my mind.

Until the clouds start to disperse and the sun start to shine again over the TF community, I will keep most of the transformation for myself. Update will still happen, but not as predictable as they were. I'll make myself happy first, the community second. For instance, I do plan to get more TF sketch done for Fur Fright. This will be a change to what I find online. There's much satisfaction there.

I'll post update information and any change of thought at the same usual place:
the site front page and forum;
my deviantART page at http://dragoniade.deviantart.com ;
the Shadowlord Yahoo Group at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/shadowlordinccartoonchanges/ ;
my live journal at http://dragoniade.livejournal.com/

So, stay tuned there for more info and active feedback is welcome.
Thanks to the few that gave back support, arts and comments. I really appreciate it, especially the arts

Nope, sorry.
I don't remember ever hearing about that particular show.
The main criteria is what is easier to do for me to process. Like file that are already input or are easy to work with.
Sometime, like this update, I pick show to finish a section. The Y show is nearly full with that last 2 shows updated.

I can take suggestion too, but I don't get many of them. I heard from Mischief City but I don't have any clips made from it. Mostly because I don't record the show on the PVR. If the show does have some good TF, I may add it to my PVR schedule and have a look.

There's still a lot of clips and shows that aren't displayed on the site, but that I have captured. I just have to go through them first. But it's time, and motivation, that I lack for it.
Please, don't notify me with clips that haven't been uploaded. I know which one those and I don't need to be reminded.

Broken file are those that give a 404 File Not Fond Error when clicking in a link, not those without a link. If the link isn't there, then the file isn't either.
You can change your password. In the preference page, you have a section to input your old password and your new password (twice for validation).

As for changing your email address, it's a case per case issue. I didn't wanted people to change their email once they're registered in order to have them create a series of sock puppet account by inputing a fake email on the old one.

If you need your email address changed, contact me and I'll do the change.
Fur Fright is approaching and this time, I want to be ready. I don't want to end up at the overflow hotel. From experience, both time I ended up at an overflow hotel, the con were always less enjoyable. Not being able to take a rest between panel or activity can really ruin it.

From what I take it, they have more room this year, but still, better be safe than sorry.

So, I'm either looking for a room with space for a dragon, or people to share a room. Preferably, I would prefer a room with 4 peoples or less in total.
I can also share ride if anyone is in the vicinity of the Longueuil to Sherbrooke through the 10 and to Cromwell through the 91. This year, I'm sticking to ONE highway and avoiding Lacolle.

This year, I'm also pondering giving Midwest FurFest (MFF) a try. There's some people going there I'm sure would like to meet, Kuma among others. I've checked and the airplane ticket I can get to that period is quite cheap.

Still, I still need to secure a room. A friend going there said that maybe I could share with him if he gets a bad surprises (he's staying with a local friend), but I can't really go on a maybe. If I don't get an hotel room, it would be the same as with an overflow, minus I would be without transportation. Or taking a room for 1 person at full price.

So, the same questions goes as for Fur Fright. Anyone going to MFF that need a room or has room for someone?
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